Thursday, May 3, 2012

Write this while doing my illustration assignment

Yesterday, I did this , we were asked to make illustration from collage that we'd made . This spot has been my favorite workspace these days , hehe :p
My new toy ! Bought this by my own money .
Mixing the color for my illustration's background .
Super messy workspace -__-
Love this pic , dunno why hehe ;p
My first watercolor fashion illustration ! Still not good :(
I got this from a canteen owner , haha . She gave me free :D
Hot chocolate in new HiLo mug :9
Will show you the final result on next post ! I wish I can get good score :D
I haven't do my shopping bag design assignment and it's 12:10 A.M now ! I have class on 8 tomorrow !
BYEEE ! :*

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