Monday, April 27, 2015

Bandung Diary: Rumah Mode

Mie Bakso
My favorite Tahu Sumedang
Hi again! I finally begin my Bandung Diary series. I still don't have internet connection at kost but I use my phone as modem, again. You can tell how much I love blogging, can't you? The last time I visited Bandung is 4 years ago, before I started my university life. I decided to go to Bandung for my internship, and thankfully I was accepted. So, I went to Bandung to see the studio, looking for place to stay, and then visited Rumah Mode. As I can remember, this place is always packed in holiday season (okay, it's memory from yearssss ago). Rumah Mode is basically a factory outlet selling fashion items, with some food stalls and Eaton bakery in the area. I bought a jacket there and it's my favorite jacket now! On the way back to Jakarta my Mom bought me tahu sumedang (Mom knows me the best, lol) and it's the most delicious tahu sumedang I've ever tried!
This super slow internet connection is killing me, so see ya next time, Dreamers! Anyway, I'm going to Jogjakarta this Thursday, yeay!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blogger Illustration: Everlasting Pure
I don't remember when did I start reading her blog, but I love her blog from the beginning. Her style is cool and cute at the same time, which is my favorite! She always put a drawing of her outfit in the end of the blog posts. Check out her blog here!
Anyway I draw this instead of doing my internship report, hahaha. Oh well, I will do it tonight. See ya on the next post!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: Tutu Nail Sticker

Heyho! Today I'm gonna review and show you how to apply nail sticker from Tutu Nail. I bought this at Metropolis Market, but they also sell it on Instagram. If you want to buy it directly, you can find them at Grand Indonesia this 16-19 April. It's easy and quick to get pretty nails. "Nail art in a minute," they said. I also bought the nail file from them.
This is my plain looking nails or I can say this is my daily nails because I don't usually wear nail polish  or whatever. Oh, you must start with clean and dry nails, without any base coat or nail polish.
First of all you must open this plastic cover (you don't say, mei) and select the perfect size of stickers for your nails.
1. Peel of the sticker off the sheet
2. Put it on your nail.
3. Press down the nail sticker and smoothing it towards the edge of your nails.
4. The last thing to do is using the nail file to file off the excess sticker.
Voila! Pretty nail art in a minute :) Easy to do, right?
I love this product. I can get pretty nails without too-much-effort or too-expensive problems. This nail sticker also lasts long, I wore it around 1 month before I decided to take it off. So, will I purchase it again? Definitely YES! Go visit their IG to shop for their latest designs and get your own pretty nails :D

Nail sticker : IDR 30K
Nail file : IDR 15K
Instagram : tutu.nail

Sunday, April 5, 2015

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

I need this gadget! orz
Some souvenirs :)

Hi! I feel bad for abandoning my blog these days. I finally went to the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo a month ago with my dad. Why my dad? I planned to go there with my friend but she couldn't make it. I kinda forced my dad to accompany me, thankfully I got buy 1 for 2 ticket promo, lol. I went there on the weekend and it's packed! It's so crowded but fortunately they would wait and let you take photos. I also queued to take photos with those scenes, lol. I think the quality of the Doraemon with secret gadgets and the other (Nobita, Giant, Shizuka, Suneo, etc.) was different, you can see it on the photos above. Overall it's quite a fun experience and I also got myself a new DSLR strap yey! Anyway, I actually took a lot of photos but I don't upload them all here. You can see it on my Facebook album. Hope you like this post!

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