Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bless Acne Series Review // Untuk Kulit Berminyak dan Berjerawat

Kalian udah pernah denger tentang produk Bless belum, sih? Aku nggak tau ya beauty enthusiasts yang umurnya jauh di bawah aku tau apa nggak (eh, tapi aku nggak setua itu juga sih), tapi Bless ini adalah brand yang udah ada sejak lama banget di Indonesia. Dari zaman aku masih sekolah produk ini udah ada dimana-mana, tapi jujur aja aku belum pernah nyobain sama sekali sebelumnya. Makanya, pas dapet kesempatan buat ngereview Bless Acne Series ini, aku penasaran banget sama hasilnya.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Denim Overall Dress and Beret

Hola, Dreamers! I'm feeling kinda lost, don't know why writing blog has been so hard to do lately. Not that I don't love blogging anymore, just getting harder to sit down and type. I hate when I feel like that, that's why I kinda forced myself to start being productive again. For today, it's gonna be an outfit post. Okay, a late outfit post. 

I wore this denim overall dress that my friend gave me, well actually she bought it for herself but it's too small for her so it's gifted to me as birthday present -_- It suits my style so that's okay tho, hahaha. Imo, this overall dress is easy to style, you just wear t-shirt beneath it and done. If you want more effort, you can wear cute sweatshirt/ long sleeves shirt inside, mock neck top is also cute. There is no rule to style this denim overall dress so it's up to your creativity ;) As for me, I completed the look with Vans Sk8-hi and bum bag. To make it look cuter, I also added beret hat. It's somehow became my signature look (with beret). 

Oh, there are these cute installments at Central Park when I took the pictures, so I took some there as well. The color is so meee! Anyway, that day I also purchased a new lens for my Fujifilm XA2, lol. I've been planning to buy 35mm lens but not on that day actually :)) I used Meike lens for taking these pictures but it's manual focus so it's hard for my mom to use, in the end we bought the new lens :"") I hope it's a nice investment for my blog! Jaa, see ya on the next post.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Event Report: #TerusAktif with the New Kotex Ultrathins

One thing I (or any girls) can't live without is sanitary pad. Especially when you're active and have many things to do, you need the right pad to support all your activities when you're on period. Long story short, I was invited to the launching event of Kotex Ultrathins by Beauty Journal. 
The event was started with the "launch" of Kotex Ultrathins inside a pinata-- was broken by Beatrice (Kotex) and Mira Monika (Sociolla). After that, we're having talk show. From the talkshow, we were learned that it's important to change our pads as many as possible. It's no good to use the same pad for a long time, even when you're too busy. If possible, we're suggested to change it everytime going to the toilet. 
Kotex Ultrathins is no.1 brand in Australia, designed for modern and active girls, so we can still do our activities without any worry. It can absorb 3x faster, ultra thin, breathable, and flexible. It has unique packaging design with string to keep it hygienic, pad is no longer boring white but now with colors and patterns. Kotex Ultrathins has two packaging: Rainbow (without wings) with 14 pads and Patterns (with wings) with 12 pads. 
After learning session, we're having fun time by playing group games such as photo challenge and  Twister. We're told to pose as modern and active girls at the photobooth there. Guess what, in the end we won that challenge, lol. Next, we played twister where one member of the group (my friend) must answered the question and if we failed, another member (me) must perform the punishment. We failed once tho, not bad lah hahaha. 
The event was fun and we got to catch up one with another, plus we got some important information about sanitary pads ;D They also gave us goodie bag from Kotex and the bag is super cute! Can't wait to try this when I'm on my period ;)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Event Report: Mediheal Launching Event in Indonesia

Hola, Dreamers! I was invited to Mediheal Launching event last week and I'm gonna share the fun with you guys. In case you don't know, Mediheal is an Korean brand, also known as no.1 sheet mask brand in the world. Mediheal is now officially launched in Indonesia, which is a good news for (korean) skincare enthusiasts ;)
The event was quite early compare to usual events, but it's because we were gonna have yoga class with Indar Wati. You might be confused what is the connection between this product and yoga, it’s actually because this sheet mask is "clear fit", which can be used while doing our activities because it's gonna stick /fit perfectly on our face. Mostly we use sheet mask before sleep, or laying on the bed because it’s the most comfortable way to do it or may be you’re afraid you will drop the mask if you’re doing another activity. And yes, we were using the mask while cooling down after yoga strecthing ;)
I used this one ;)

No, it's not a yoga pose, lol
After the yoga class, we're rushing to the next schedule, which is talkshow with Mediheal team from Korea. We changed outfit into more proper one and fyi, we can directly apply makeup after using the sheet mask. Applying the makeup will be easier because it can help the makeup to stick better on the skin. For me, it's quite uncomfortable to apply makeup just like that, so I rinsed a bit (my friends didn't tho). 
Event was started with some words from Franky Jonson (Head of Brand Marketing of PT. Sociall Bella Indonesia) and Jaesun Eo (Overseas Business Team Director from L&P). After that, we also had the talkshow with dr. Melyawati, Putri Caya (influencer), and Sharon Widjaja (Brand Manager of Mediheal Indonesia). Dr. Melyawati explained the importance of taking care our skin, including knowing our skin types and steps of skincare. I often forget to wash my face at night because I'm either too tired or too lazy, and it's the worst thing you can do to your skin! It's important to always double-cleanse your face and follow the 4-steps skincare: cleansing, toning, hydrating, and exfoliating. 
There are 7 variants of Mediheal masks available in Indonesia:
- N.M.F (Natural Moisture Factor) Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX
This is their best seller and suitable for dry skin. The water system of N.M.F helps provide abundant moisture to your skin and makes moisturized. 

- Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX
This one is customized care for your skin trouble, give you smooth and moist skin. Components that help trouble skin such as tea tree leaf oil, pine needle extract, and Portulaca oleracea extract will soothe your irritated skin and let you feel refresh without any stickiness after using it.

- Collagen Impact Essential Mask EX
It contains marine collagen, elastin, etc to deliver your skin vitality and form essence barrier to dry and weak skin. 
- I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask EX
I.P.I Lightmax helps control creation of melanin and make your skin bright and radiant. Long period usage can make your skin looks brighter. It also can be used as first aid after sunburn. 

- P.D.F AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask EX
P.D.F AC-Dressing Ampoule Mask EX helps soothe your skin and make comfortable. It contains anti trouble ingredient Centella Asiatica, Triclosan, and Salicylic acid concentrate on trouble areas for rapid and instant relief effect and effectively control oil secretion to make clean skin.

- Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask EX
Claimed that the vitamin C derivatives make your skin clear, transparent, and protect your skin from exterior environment.

- H.D.P (High Definition Pixel) Pore- Stamping Black Mask EX
This black sheet mask contains charcoal, it helps control the excessive secretion of sebum, gives skin-lifting effect, makes skin soft and silky. It also can control skin greasiness and purifies skin tone.

- Special Limited Edition of Mediheal x BTS
Calling all Armys, Mediheal had collaboration with BTS. The package contains exclusive BTS Photocard album and 2 sets of Mediheal sheet mask. It has 2 options, Hydrating Care Special Set (5 N.M.F and 5 Teatree sheet mask) and Soothing Care Special Set (5 Teatree and 5 P.D.F sheet mask).
I used the N.M.F Aquaring because my skin is sooo dry lately. This one is the best seller and I never tried Mediheal before (other than the one I used on yoga class) so I was so excited to give it a try. The sheet mask is not too thin, kinda 'fluffy'? It has a lot of essence, which you can use on other body parts. As I already mentioned above, it fit nicely on my face. There's no tingling feeling when I used it. Honestly, I'm impressed with the result. I could feel a little bit stickiness when I take off the mask, but my skin turned out so good in the morning! I think it's not a problem if you use it before sleep. There is no dry patch anymore T.T I'm gonna buy this agaiiiin! Totally recommended for you who have (super) dry skin ;)

Where to buy? (Indonesia)
Now you can purchase Mediheal Sheet Mask at Sociolla (online) and Watsons (offline). FYI, you can get IDR 50.000 off by using my Sociolla code: SBNLA6BR when you check out (min. purchase of IDR 250.000).

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Food Monster Escape: The Garden, Pantai Indah Kapuk

The Garden PIK review | www.bigdreamerblog.com
Hi, Dreamers! I'm so excited to share about this insta-worthy restaurant with delicious food called The Garden at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta Utara. I can say that most of restaurants/ cafes around PIK have pretty exterior and interior designs, but not all of them offer nice food too. One of the reason I write this post is because The Garden is not only selling ambience, but also gives a high quality taste for us. 
Live up to its name, The Garden offers garden-like interior, with lots of plants, flowers, even flamingos. It has great lighting for taking photos, especially when you come at noon. We were actually too late when we went there, it's already around 6 so the place was already full and we have to be on waiting list. It has different vibe at night, romantic I can say. When I entered, I was amazed by how serious they pull off this concept. It's all out-- not half hearted, lol. 
The Garden PIK instagrammable | www.bigdreamerblog.com
So, here are some tips I can give after my visit:
Find your perfect timing. Visit at noon if you want to take a lot of nice photos. It has natural (and great) lighting, but still you won't feel hot because the air conditioner is really strong. I'm not saying this place is bad to visit at night tho, it's just the lighting is not the best for taking photos, especially when it's getting late, they turn off the lights for live show-- that's why I couldn't take photos at all even though every corners at this restaurant is instagrammable. I think visiting at noon also less crowded than the night. So, you can find your own timing to visit, both has its own charms. Oh, maybe you can get both experience by visiting it around 5 pm ;))
Wear the perfect outfit. Well, of course to take a nice photo, huh? lol. Not merely for that reason tho :)) It's pretty cold here, so if you're not really good with coldness, better bring an outerwear or wear warmer clothes.
The Garden PIK interior | www.bigdreamerblog.com
I think you can't complain about the interior, but how about the food? I'm gonna give some review about the food we ate here. It's including meal, drinks, and dessert. 

Bad'Ass Fried Rice (IDR 90k)
This Bad'Ass Fried Rice is listed as their favorite dish. I was kinda craving for fried rice hence I ordered this menu. It's spicy fried rice with grilled wagyu and onsen egg. The portion is not too big nor small, it's perfect for me actually. The fried rice was spicy and rich of flavors, I think the seasoning is just right. It goes perfectly with the soft, savory, and sweet grilled wagyu. The onsen egg was not onsen enough tho, just like regular egg. 

Sunshine Caramelized Pork (IDR 100k)
Oh my, this is the winner! Sunshine Caramelized Pork is crispy pork topped with Thai salad and sweet sauce (not the literal caramel sauce). My friend was the one who ordered this and I tried one of the crispy pork and it tasted heavenly, lol. The crispiness and sweet flavor is just perfect T.T The salad itself makes this dish taste so fresh. I will just order this on my next visit!

Salted Choco Fondant (IDR 75k)
We are all always have extra space for dessert, right? Kinda confused what to order at first, but we finally decided to order Salted Choco Fondant, contains of dark melted valrhona, caramel miso, coconut crumble, kinako, black tuile with matcha ice cream. It's nice combination of sweet and salty flavor, neutralized by the matcha ice cream (imo). It's kinda pricey for dessert, but it's worth it after all. 
Overall, it's a nice place to hang out with your friends, family, or even to have a date. It offers both great ambience and delicious food, so I think I will visit it again in the future. For price wise it's kinda expensive but I actually didn't really mind paid that price for what I got. Last but not least, the service was good too :)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Event Report: Tips Untuk #RencanakanLebih Liburan dan Masa Depanmu

Seperti yang bisa kalian lihat, akhir-akhir ini aku lagi sering banget nulis tentang traveling di blog ini. Sebenarnya dari dulu aku udah suka banget sama traveling, hanya saja waktu itu kondisi keuanganku belum memungkinkan. Jadi, ketika aku akhirnya udah punya penghasilan sendiri, aku nggak mau menyia-nyiakan kesempatan liburan selagi masih muda :))

Monday, September 3, 2018

Insta-worthy Places around Bandung (with Maps)

If you've read my blog for a long time, you may know that Bandung is one of my favorite city to have a short getaway. It's never boring because as time goes by, there are a looot of new places to explore in Bandung. Nature views, parks, cafes, you name it. We can't deny that in this era, anything must be "insta-worthy" to make it to the Instagram feed (or blog). As an "insta-worthy" places hunter myself, I want to introduce you to some cool/pretty places around Bandung. Ready to go?
Orchid Forest Cikole is one of the largest orchid park in Indonesia with more than 157 kinds of orchid from around the world. Tbh, I hadn't explored all of this place because it's so huge + it was raining so I need to go back to our car. I'd recommend this place as the most insta-worthy spot you need to visit (to take photos)! It has a lot of good spots to take photos, but most importantly, I love the view and weather here :) With IDR 30.000, we can enjoy the cool breeze and haze + stocking the contents for Instagram/blog. The best time to visit is in the (early) morning, because it won't be too hot, you can still enjoy the haze, and the traffic won't as bad as later. It's located near Tangkuban Perahu. I plan to visit Orchid Forest Cikole again, will make a more detail post later ;D

Went to Cakrawala to have our brunch, we ordered something with salty egg (I forgot the name), it's so-so but actually could be better with more salty egg. From this place, you can enjoy the view and castle from Dago Bakery. The other side of this restaurant was still in development, but I tried to take a peek there. It's already open for public now, fyi. 

Actually I've seen this castle on Instagram before, but we didn't plan to go here. Turned out, we took the wrong route and ended up here. Blessing in disguise, huh? To get in and take photos, we will be charged IDR 10.000 per person. The ticket can be exchanged with food/drink with same price, it's a win-win solution after all ;) It's not only the castle that's insta-worthy tho, the cafe itself has pretty interiors-- I mean every corner of it. 

I have been here several times, but everytime I go back, there is always something new about this place! Isn't it amazing? It's devided into some areas like floating market that sells food, Rainbow Garden, Kampung Jepang Kyoto, and Kota Mini. To get into Kota Mini, we need to pay another IDR 25.000 (Floating Market ticket is IDR 10.000). Basically, it's a "tiny city", filled with small houses, parks, etc. It also provides interactive activities for children like how to be a policeman, firefighters, nurses, and many more (need to pay again). The houses here are so cute, that's what makes this place insta-worthy. 

We found this tea plantation accidentally along the route to Orchid Forest Cikole. It's a huge area of tea plantation, you don't need to pay to enter the field, but please make sure to be careful not to step any of the plants. We actually stopped at one of the local shop to go to the toilet, then spotted this green field. The vehicles are so fast here, please be careful when you cross the road. If you want to know the exact name, it's called Kebun Teh Ciater.

Okay, that's some places I can recommend you for now, I'm gonna visit Bandung again soon (hopefully), so there will be part 2 post! Hahaha. Anyway, beside the place/spot itself, you need to explore the angle too to get a better photo. I hope you enjoy this post, I hope this post can inspire you, happy photo-hunting! ;)

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