Sunday, September 23, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Denim Overall Dress and Beret

Hola, Dreamers! I'm feeling kinda lost, don't know why writing blog has been so hard to do lately. Not that I don't love blogging anymore, just getting harder to sit down and type. I hate when I feel like that, that's why I kinda forced myself to start being productive again. For today, it's gonna be an outfit post. Okay, a late outfit post. 

I wore this denim overall dress that my friend gave me, well actually she bought it for herself but it's too small for her so it's gifted to me as birthday present -_- It suits my style so that's okay tho, hahaha. Imo, this overall dress is easy to style, you just wear t-shirt beneath it and done. If you want more effort, you can wear cute sweatshirt/ long sleeves shirt inside, mock neck top is also cute. There is no rule to style this denim overall dress so it's up to your creativity ;) As for me, I completed the look with Vans Sk8-hi and bum bag. To make it look cuter, I also added beret hat. It's somehow became my signature look (with beret). 

Oh, there are these cute installments at Central Park when I took the pictures, so I took some there as well. The color is so meee! Anyway, that day I also purchased a new lens for my Fujifilm XA2, lol. I've been planning to buy 35mm lens but not on that day actually :)) I used Meike lens for taking these pictures but it's manual focus so it's hard for my mom to use, in the end we bought the new lens :"") I hope it's a nice investment for my blog! Jaa, see ya on the next post.

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