Monday, September 3, 2018

Insta-worthy Places around Bandung (with Maps)

If you've read my blog for a long time, you may know that Bandung is one of my favorite city to have a short getaway. It's never boring because as time goes by, there are a looot of new places to explore in Bandung. Nature views, parks, cafes, you name it. We can't deny that in this era, anything must be "insta-worthy" to make it to the Instagram feed (or blog). As an "insta-worthy" places hunter myself, I want to introduce you to some cool/pretty places around Bandung. Ready to go?
Orchid Forest Cikole is one of the largest orchid park in Indonesia with more than 157 kinds of orchid from around the world. Tbh, I hadn't explored all of this place because it's so huge + it was raining so I need to go back to our car. I'd recommend this place as the most insta-worthy spot you need to visit (to take photos)! It has a lot of good spots to take photos, but most importantly, I love the view and weather here :) With IDR 30.000, we can enjoy the cool breeze and haze + stocking the contents for Instagram/blog. The best time to visit is in the (early) morning, because it won't be too hot, you can still enjoy the haze, and the traffic won't as bad as later. It's located near Tangkuban Perahu. I plan to visit Orchid Forest Cikole again, will make a more detail post later ;D

Went to Cakrawala to have our brunch, we ordered something with salty egg (I forgot the name), it's so-so but actually could be better with more salty egg. From this place, you can enjoy the view and castle from Dago Bakery. The other side of this restaurant was still in development, but I tried to take a peek there. It's already open for public now, fyi. 

Actually I've seen this castle on Instagram before, but we didn't plan to go here. Turned out, we took the wrong route and ended up here. Blessing in disguise, huh? To get in and take photos, we will be charged IDR 10.000 per person. The ticket can be exchanged with food/drink with same price, it's a win-win solution after all ;) It's not only the castle that's insta-worthy tho, the cafe itself has pretty interiors-- I mean every corner of it. 

I have been here several times, but everytime I go back, there is always something new about this place! Isn't it amazing? It's devided into some areas like floating market that sells food, Rainbow Garden, Kampung Jepang Kyoto, and Kota Mini. To get into Kota Mini, we need to pay another IDR 25.000 (Floating Market ticket is IDR 10.000). Basically, it's a "tiny city", filled with small houses, parks, etc. It also provides interactive activities for children like how to be a policeman, firefighters, nurses, and many more (need to pay again). The houses here are so cute, that's what makes this place insta-worthy. 

We found this tea plantation accidentally along the route to Orchid Forest Cikole. It's a huge area of tea plantation, you don't need to pay to enter the field, but please make sure to be careful not to step any of the plants. We actually stopped at one of the local shop to go to the toilet, then spotted this green field. The vehicles are so fast here, please be careful when you cross the road. If you want to know the exact name, it's called Kebun Teh Ciater.

Okay, that's some places I can recommend you for now, I'm gonna visit Bandung again soon (hopefully), so there will be part 2 post! Hahaha. Anyway, beside the place/spot itself, you need to explore the angle too to get a better photo. I hope you enjoy this post, I hope this post can inspire you, happy photo-hunting! ;)

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