Friday, May 31, 2013

Stuff from Japan! [snacks, one piece, hello kitty]

So, my bro went to Japan to join cheerleader event. I was so envy because going to Japan is my biggest dream OTL But it's okay, I'll work harder to make it comes true soon ;) He bought me some snacks and one piece figurines andddd hello kitty things, hahaha :3 I'll make a review post about tokyo banana :) Enjoy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The comfy Lotso

Lotso hoodie - Stacy Shop // cap - Artbox
I'm not in good condition so I brought this hoodie when I went home last Friday night. Today was raining and it's so cold in my car so I wear it. I ate korean food at Salsa Food City (SMS) today, it's delicious and I'll go there again next time :) I got this hoodie from Stacy shop. I really love hoodie and sweater but the weather here is d*mn hot :"(
OOTD : this hoodie and shorts and backpack and slippers. hahaha didn't take full body shots :p

Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 weeks before exam: hell

Hi there! Another drawing post T_T I'm not going anywhere lately because I have sooo many assignments to do. I didn't go home for around.....3 weeks (?) but I'll go home this weekend to buy something for my new room, and then staying all night long to finish assignments. 1 more month and I'll be free for around 2 months nyehehehe~ (before the hell starts again september)
Above is my characters for "storyboard making" class. What do you think? Pufa is cute rite? ;p
Jaa, gotta back to work now. I really need to quit being a deadliner.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artwork : hairstyle

Hi! I made these sketches few days ago. I saw the hairstyle at latest Nonno magazine. For the one with short hair and cap, it's inspired by Seoul street style. I'm going to cut my hair short after exam. Hopefully hahaha. I also love the trend of bright color eyeliner, especially the blue and orange. It's inspired by stylenanda!

drawing: pencil & photoshop

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hard work will never betray you

Although you may be hurt and bleeding now, a better day will come. 
Hard work will never betray you 
- Kang Gary

This quote makes me keep on going no matter how hard it is :) I love you, Kang Gary :p

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Header Design : Nasly Lady

So, Anny Barros from Nasty Lady asked my help to make her a new blog header. Above is the design. I made her portrait with her signature hat and glasses. She is my 1st client and I'm so happy because she loves it :) If you want me to make your blog header or your portrait/ outfit illustration please contact me: :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mustard Deer

unbranded glittery sweater // bl!nk reindeer necklace // mom's polkadot bracelet // TLTSN satchel // bellagio wedges
I never wear heels to daily activity before. Not bad actually but I PREFER SNEAKERS! hahaha so hard to walk. I wore mustard yellow glittery sweater with skinny jeans and reindeer necklace. I love the polkadot bracelet, it's my mom's. Anyway, can you spot my cute keychain?
Is it true that Google Friend Connect is shutting down? Please follow my blog via bloglovin then :))

Friday, May 10, 2013

Featured: Gogirl! magazine May 2013 // 100th issue

So happy because I got featured on Gogirl! magazine 100th issue! I didn't receive any e-mail and I thought "ah, I'll try next time", then my friend asked me if I appear on the magazine *blank* I haven't got the magz that time so I had no idea. hahaha thank you gogirl! :))

Blogger Illustration : Steffi Santa
whoop! It's steffi santa from The Daydreamer ! I made this in 2D animation class mehehe ;p

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Djournal Coffee

This is the view inside the mall building
taken by kenezia's fish eye lens. me want!
Perfect for meeting! There was people meeting here that time :D
cute chair *love*
coffee tree (?)
I want this coach in my room!
From the outside of Mall building:
A seat for forever alone LOL
cuteeee this is one of the reason I visit it
Take a Smile ! :)
My friend and I ordered these drinks. Mine was coffee mojitos, it's minty coffee. Actually the taste was good and I loved it, but because of it I got gastric pain all day long T_T my friend ordered chocolate and it was too sweet for me.
This is much more like place review instead of food drink review hahhaa -_- sorry
I still need more practice to write a good review post. Anyway, I feel so bored to blog these days dunno why. Come back to mama you blogging spirit *cryyyy*

Visit again? I think no hahaha. Trauma banget gara-gara sakit maag -___- but I want to try the cakes so......who knows :p

Djournal Coffee
Summarecon Mall Serpong phase 2 (next to

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