Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Djournal Coffee

This is the view inside the mall building
taken by kenezia's fish eye lens. me want!
Perfect for meeting! There was people meeting here that time :D
cute chair *love*
coffee tree (?)
I want this coach in my room!
From the outside of Mall building:
A seat for forever alone LOL
cuteeee this is one of the reason I visit it
Take a Smile ! :)
My friend and I ordered these drinks. Mine was coffee mojitos, it's minty coffee. Actually the taste was good and I loved it, but because of it I got gastric pain all day long T_T my friend ordered chocolate and it was too sweet for me.
This is much more like place review instead of food drink review hahhaa -_- sorry
I still need more practice to write a good review post. Anyway, I feel so bored to blog these days dunno why. Come back to mama you blogging spirit *cryyyy*

Visit again? I think no hahaha. Trauma banget gara-gara sakit maag -___- but I want to try the cakes so......who knows :p

Djournal Coffee
Summarecon Mall Serpong phase 2 (next to

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