Friday, January 29, 2016

Where to Eat in Bandung

Hey yo, dreamers! It's weekend again, so I will write a quick guide about where to eat in Bandung. For Indonesian, especially those who live in Jakarta, Bandung is a favorite getaway during weekend. It's not too far from Jakarta (around 3 hours driving) , although the traffic is usually packed. 
Here are some culinary spot I found when I lived in Bandung, which didn't show in separated blog posts.

1. Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market is an open-aired food court located at the same area of Three Bears Cafe; Paskal Hypersquare. I went there after had lunch at Three Bears Cafe and I was actually already full but in the end I ate again. When we just arrived there, we're welcomed by this Fountain of Hope and Luck. I threw a coin through the hole, but tbh I forgot I wished for. It's Japan related for sure ;p Back to Paskal Food Market, you can find a lot of food here such as bakmi, sate, soto, nasi goreng, bento, steak, you name it.
paskal food market
Paskal Food Market is also a nice location to hang out with your friends, especially on the weekend. I think it's more crowded at night.
where to eat in Bandung - paskal food market

What I ate:
Lontong Makassar
lontong makassar
Decided to try this lontong makassar and it was my first time trying it. It's meat, lontong, egg, etc in coconut milk. To be honest, I don't really remember the ingredients. Taste was delicious but I think it was not spicy enough for my liking.
Chicken Satay
I imagined about how delicious this satay would be but...okay. Nothing special. The peanut sauce was rather tasteless so it's a big minus point.

Overall, I quite enjoy my visit here. Take your time to decide what to eat because seriously there are so many kind of food! One more thing, I think the price was slightly pricey, but just consider it as a price to eat and have a good time with your beloved one ;) I will give you the map below:


2. Nasi Uduk 88 Brebes Berhias
where to eat in bandung - nasi uduk 88 bandung
I think Indonesian is familiar with this kind of food stall, it's actually everywhere. It's usually called lamongan, typically serves nasi uduk (rice cooked in coconut milk), fried chicken, duck, lele fish, tahu, tempe, etc. This Nasi Uduk 88 Brebes Berseri is located at Jalan Abdurahman Saleh, which was near to where I live. It's super duper delicious at first, but I was sick of it after ate it almost everyday, lol.
Nasi uduk is usually served with bawang goreng (fried onion) and it's also good with sweet soy sauce.
Lele - Tahu, usus - Lalapan (raw vegetables) - Fried chickens - Fried duck
Typical drinks: Ice Tea and Ice Orange
When I ate this, my impression was: This is the most delicious lamongan I've ever eaten! I don't know if I was too hungry that time but it's really delicious, guys. I love the sambel so much x) I want to eat it now, I miss living in Bandung ㅠㅠ The price was also reasonable that's why I ate this 'till I was sick of it.


3. Kingkong Express
kingkong express istana plaza
This Kingkong Express is located inside Istana Plaza, a mall at Jalan Pasir Kaliki. I often went to Istana Plaza because it was the closest mall from where I live. Kingkong Express is a fast food restaurant with Chinese food concept. We can order a la carte or various package, and we get to choose our favorable main dish and side dish. Price range was reasonable and the food was also delicious.
where to eat in bandung - double kong kingkong express
Free ice tea and soup; my Double Kong: fried rice + noodle, gyoza, orange chicken


Below are the locations that I already posted before in Food Monster Escape / Bandung Diary series:
4. Herb and Spice
where to eat in bandung - herb and spice
Read the full post here:


5. Hummingbird Eatery
where to eat in bandung - hummingbird eatery
Read the full post here:


Okay, that's all I can share. I hope this post can help you when you're going to Bandung and don't know what and where to eat there. I will make another quick guide in the future so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Red Velvet Ice Cream

red velvet floral jacket
Tee- Giordano Disney // Skort- Unbranded (Bugis) // Jacket- Uniqlo // Sneakers- New Balance
red velvet ice cream
This post title reminds me of Red Velvet's song Ice Cream Cake, I just realized it when I typed the title. Which means, this post is not about their song, but about the red velvet ice cream (or soft cream) I ate a few days ago. I actually wanted to try Seoul Tower Ice Cream but it's not sold anymore so I bought this instead. It's an ice cream outlet named yi.kon, located at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 and Summarecon Mall Bekasi. As expected, the taste was so-so and kinda milky, I ended up couldn't finish it. I thought maybe it's just too sweet for me. 
Another appearance of my New Balance in this post - I just wear it a lot lately. It's so comfortable and it goes with almost everything. I'm so glad I bought it! Actually, this outfit was basically similar with this one, I just wore it with floral denim jacket from Uniqlo this time (and with longer hair, lol). What do you think about this look?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Button Up Skirt

button up skirt
how to wear button up skirt
Jumper- Forever21 // Button Up Skirt- Stradivarius // Socks- Uniqlo // Sneakers- New Balance // Bag- Mom's
button up skirt 2
I have been eyeing a button up skirt for a while and finally bought it (actually a gift from my mom). I wore this outfit to have dinner with family a few weeks ago. I will make sure to wear this a lot in the future, so brace yourself to see this piece in many blog posts, lol. For this look, I wore my oldie Minnie Mouse jumper from Forever21, button up skirt from Stradivarius, transparent socks and sneakers to give a sporty look. Rather than bringing my usual bag (or backpack), I borrowed my mom's bag. I don't have many bags, fyi. Ah, I also tried to change my hairstyle into mool gyul waves but it didn't last long ㅠㅠ

Monday, January 18, 2016

WANDERLUST: One Day Trip to Puncak // Taman Bunga Nusantara

Yoo, dreamers! Here is another late post of one day trip to Puncak a few months ago. I planned to blog about this last week but because of my works and bad time management, I ended up neglecting my blog again. Let's start, shall we? (This will be a long post ;p)
We departed before sunrise to avoid traffic, fyi Puncak is one of the most popular destination for holiday or long weekend in Jakarta, so the traffic is too much to handle. Fortunately, it's not that bad when we went there on Idul Fitri. We were confused because it's not what we expected to be, but I thought it's because most of them already went there a day before.
We stopped here to take photos and I could already feel the cool breeze. It's not as cold as it used to be, but it's not hot either. Anyway, there's actually a 'tradition' to take photos on tea farm when you go to Puncak but we skipped it. I already took a lot when I was a kid, lol.

We continued our trip to this Puncak Pass Resort, which was a popular resort back then. I don't really know about how popular it is now, but based on the condition when I went there, it's just...sad. I remember I went there a lot, I've stayed there too, and always wanted to swim in the pool but the water was just too cold. When I went there, there was no water in the pool anymore and the floor cracked.
Overall, I think it's still a nice place to go or stay. The view was so good and it's fun to take a walk while enjoying the scenery. I hope they fix the pool soon so I can swim there next time.
There's also a restaurant with nice view there ;)
Taman Bunga Nusantara
We decided to go to Taman Bunga Nusantara, although I already went to Puncak so many times, this was my first time visiting Taman Bunga Nusantara. Different from the weather at Puncak Pass before, it's so hot here. I suggest you to bring hat or umbrella and apply suncreen (I didn't.)
After payed entrance fee for IDR 40.000 we could enter the park with this so-called garden tram. It drove us inside and also explained about Taman Bunga Nusantara.
Go! Go!
The garden tram dropped us near the children play area and we continued by walking. I won't say much so you can enjoy these photos ;)

Saung Dahlia
I think this is We used the toilet there and the house was so pretty especially with those flowers.

Musical Fountain
In front of Saung Dahlia there is this water fountain which was sooo pretty, oh it danced to music as well. Unfortunately we missed the show time. It felt so western, hehe.

These are some random flower shots:

French Garden
Found this Larva looking plant x)
Beautiful, huk!

Rose Garden
It's obviously a garden full of roses and it smelled so nice. I love the roses, they're so beautiful they look fake. I especially love white roses ;)

Green House (Rumah Kaca)
To enter the green house we need to pay IDR 2.000. There were a lot of flowers too and I managed to snap these cute flowers.
Dusty Miller

Japanese Garden
This is a Japanese style garden with typical Japanese plants, decorations, gazebo, pool. Maybe you can tell from the photos, it's so hot here! I was drenched in sweat when I took photos there, haha.
Dream came true: taking photo with hydrangea, lol
After the Japanese garden, we took another stroll to the entrance (because we took garden tram before) and I took bunch of photos. 
Beside the extremely hot weather, I totally enjoyed my visit there. Saw these flowers made me so happy and also felt refreshed, hehe. I hope you enjoy this post (or I can say photo spam)! I've never write a post this long before and it took me hours to finish, lol. I actually feel sick but there are still a lot of things to do so yeah, じゃあね!

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