Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Wear: Casual Outfits

Happy New Year! あけましておめでとう! I had quality time with my family yesterday and had Korean BBQ like...finally. It's just the first day of 2016 and I've spent my money on a pair of new sneakers. Power of sale, I would say. In this post I will show you how to wear casual outfits which you can wear to hang out with your friends, to catch a movie, or even family birthday dinner. Check it out!

1. Tank Top + Skirt + Cardigan + Sneakers + Backpack
how to wear casual outfits dark skirt cardigan
Tank top- Unbranded // Skirt- Cotton On // Cardigan- Marks & Spencer // Sneakers- New Balance // Backpack- Zara
I wore this rather dark outfit to accompany my grandma, grandpa, and aunts to Kota Kasablanka. I wanted to wear simple yet not-too-plain outfit so I chose to go with this style. It just happened that the whole outfit was in a shade of black and blue. Those sneakers are actually my bro's.

2. Sweatdress + Fun Socks + Sneakers + Backpack
how to wear casual outfits sweatdress sneakers
Sweatdress- H&M // Socks- TLTSN // Sneakers- H&M // Backpack- Zara
You can try this style to get an effortlessly casual result. Pick your favorite sweatdress (or you can wear shirtdress too), wear cute socks and sneakers, then you are ready to go. A pair of slip-ons also can be a nice choice ;)

3. Dress + Vintage Outer + Strap Sandals + Sling Bag
how to wear casual outfits dress vintage outerwear
Dress- New Look // Outerwear- Grandma's // Sandals- Ruby // Sling bag- Stradivarius
I actually wore this to have dinner with my family in Pontianak to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We just had dinner at the restaurant so there's no need to wear fancy dress, but at least I tried to wear something more girly. This dress has appeared a lot on this blog because it's one of my basic item to wear with various outerwear. I got this top from my Grandma and I wore it as an outerwear here. It's a hand-me-down from her and I love it. The point of this outfit was actually my cherry earrings, lol.

4. Tee + Dungaree + Sneakers + Backpack
how to wear casual outfits dungaree
Dungaree- Mom's // Tee- Rock Eagle // Socks- TLTSN // Sneakers- H&M // Backpack- Zara
Was too lazy to dress up but didn't want to wear 'lancai' outfit at the same time, so I chose dungaree. I wore this to watch Spectre with my mom and her friends; and also her friends's children. Beside tee, you can wear sweater too. It's cuter in my opinion.

5. Tank Top + Denim Outer + Shorts + Slippers + Backpack
how to wear casual outfits - denim shorts slippers
Denim outer- Thrifted // Tank top- Unbranded // Shorts- New Look // Backpack- Zara // Slippers- Paul Frank
Okay, I can say this is one of the 'lancai' outfit that I wore. I went to take my graduation photos in kebaya then changed into this after the photoshoot's done. I basically just had dinner after that and went home. This is also my daily wear to nearby malls or stores. Hidup sendal!

That's it for this post! Sorry for the low quality photos because I took these photos by phone. I hope this post can help you to wear casual outfit in an easy way. Please support me so I can do better for this blog! じゃあね!

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