Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Don't Let Me Down

don't let me down look | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
Greetings from room sweet room! How's your day going? I'm actually so sleepy right now but I push myself to finish this post tonight, it was supposed to be up yesterday :( I wake up early to work and I can't stand the sleepiness at night, so I always sleep before midnight now. That means, I don't really do blogwalking or whatever these days. Still finding a way to be more productive in personal projects as well. But I can promise you I won't stop blogging :p
Outfit: Don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
don't let me down outfit
don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
This was my Chinese New Year outfit, I wore red this year! Got this dress from ITC Mangga Dua at cheap price, around IDR 120k. I wore wedges but in fact I changed into slippers when I arrived at my Grandma's house, hahaha. Left my obsession over outerwear and tried not to care about my big arms, but I still felt uncomfortable and insecure about it. In the end, I borrowed my bro's shirt and I thought, "as expected, this style suits me more." What do you think, dreamers?
asian look - don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
Anyway, I can't stop listening to Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya these 3 days. I love the tune and Daya's voice.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Food Monster Escape: St. Marc Cafe, Jakarta

Happy Monday! To cheer up your day, I want to tell you about this dessert house from Japan: St. Marc Cafe. To be honest, I never heard about this brand before, but I easily get excited about new desserts in town, especially when it comes from Japan, lol.
The first branch in Indonesia is located at Lower Ground of Senayan City, Jakarta. It's not a huge store and the interior is just so-so. I hope they will expand their business in another location with better interior. Oh, at least there are a lot of cute (fake) food display.
I went there with my best food monster buddy Ticia and we ordered a chococro, Choco Berry Celebration parfait, and Gion.

Chococro (IDR 19.9k)
st marc cafe chococro
Ticia wanted to try this signature menu of St. Marc Cafe: chococro, so we bought it. It's a croissant with creamy but not melted chocolate filling. I like it tho because it's not too sweet. I just tried a bite and gave all of them to Ticia because I didn't really like dry pastry like this one to begin with.

Choco Berry Celebration (IDR 74.9k)
st marc cafe choco berry celebration
Our second menu is this parfait called Choco Berry Celebration, consisted of soft cream, vanilla ice cream, cake chunks, pudding, strawberry, and chocolate sauce. I can't say that this parfait is special because we thought the taste was pretty common, but still enjoyable. Pudding was rather bland when we ate it alone.

Gion (IDR 79.9k)
st marc cafe gion
Hands up for this best menu of St. Marc Cafe (in my opinion). I just loooove it! I actually didn't like matcha before, but not too long before I tried this dessert, I suddenly couldn't pass anything with matcha in it -__- That's why I wanted to try this dessert like...I must.
This Gion is consisted of soft cream, red bean, red bean paste, green tea ice cream, and shiratama. These ingredients were seriously a perfect combination. We really enjoyed it but at the end it was too sweet because of the red bean paste. I also love it because the soft cream didn't melt fast like another soft cream. Now I'm craving for this, duh.
I really recommend you to try this one! ;)

Overall, we enjoyed our visit at this dessert house, although we think it's a bit pricey. I personally don't mind to spend money on the Gion tho ;p Hope you enjoy this post and じゃね!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Have Some Faith

have some faith outfit | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
Happy Sunday, dreamers! How's your week going? I (again) abandoned my blog for a whole week because some unexpected and unplanned things happened. I went out everyday and one day of them was a really bad day. Better not talk about it, hahaha. Let's just talk about the GOOD THINGS. The best news is....I finally got my first job which I think I'll love working there. Thank God and thank my friend who let me know about the vacancy :)) I want to remember this that's why I'm writing this. I forget things easily, you know. The key point here is: HAVE SOME FAITH, dreamers!
have some faith | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
have some faith outfit looks | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
I've been looking for a job for a few months and things didn't go well as I expected. I applied a lot but no responses. Some gave responses, test, interview, but I got rejected. I was quite disappointed and those disappointments later become depression. I was not that depressed actually, but I did think a lot and my mind was a mess. I still have freelance job but I forgot to be thankful about that. I was too focus on my job seeking problem. 
Then a few days ago, after that bad day, I realized something and I prayed. I finally decided to take it easy and have some faith in God and myself, that everything will be fine and go as He planned. On the next day, I got an e-mail for job interview and it's 4 hours before the appointed time. I was excited and panic at the same time, lol. I got ready and went to the interview, thank God everything went well. I got the job and will start working this Monday! I can say that it suits my passions (design, writing, fashion, etc.) I can't thank God enough for this. I might be disappointed with those job rejections, but in the end I got the one I always wish for. "God's plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all your disappointments."
Dress- Cotton On // Cardigan- Hush Puppies // Socks- Uniqlo // Sneakers- New Balance // Necklace- Unbranded // Backpack- Zara
Now let's talk about my outfit, shall we? I wore this to Gandaria City on the first day of 2016. Just want to wear something simple with my new cardigan from Hush Puppies. I don't have a sleeveless black dress so I wore this but the dress' sleeves made my arm looked even bigger, lol. I just bought the necklace that day too. It's cute, isn't it?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

VLOG: Chinese New Year 2016

My new video is finally up on my Youtube channel! I made a vlog about what I did a day before CNY and also my activities on the D-day, including my OOTD. Watch and tell me what you think about it ;) Your opinion will help me to improve the quality of my videos!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

High Tea Outfit

Tea Party
Hi, dreamers! It's weekend again, yay! This time, I'm gonna show you an outfit I've never worn before. I've never been to a tea party in my whole life. I was told to create an High Tea outfit for the 11th Annual "Bridging the Generations" Golden Girls Hats and Tea at one of the best San Francisco hotels so this is it!
I saw a lot of tea party outfits with dress, but I think wearing a classy jumpsuit to a tea party is a good choice too. I chose natural color items with pop of blue color. Keep the jumpsuit simple with less accessories so the flower hat will stand out. Natural curly-end hair will do to complete this classy high tea outfit. What do you think? :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I don't dress up for anyone but me

Sweatshirt- Promod // Skirt, Socks- Cotton On // Sneakers- League // Backpack- Zara
Hi, dreamers! I'm back with an outfit post. I wore this to meet Ticia and we decided to take each other's outfit photos. You can check her outfit on her blog: Tic Toc Pop. Next time we need to bring another person with us so we can take photos together, in one frame.....with concepts, lol.
Talking about my outfit, there is one thing similar from all of the items: they were on sale, except my backpack. I always love to buy sale items (okay, who doesn't?). This outfit was inspired by Japanese teen magazine, when I'm not even a teenager anymore, hahaha. I realized that I can't afford a fancy look, so what I can and will do is to show you my way to mix and match my closet into many different look, and I wish I can inspire you with these outfits.

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