Monday, March 21, 2016

Food Monster Escape: St. Marc Cafe, Jakarta

Happy Monday! To cheer up your day, I want to tell you about this dessert house from Japan: St. Marc Cafe. To be honest, I never heard about this brand before, but I easily get excited about new desserts in town, especially when it comes from Japan, lol.
The first branch in Indonesia is located at Lower Ground of Senayan City, Jakarta. It's not a huge store and the interior is just so-so. I hope they will expand their business in another location with better interior. Oh, at least there are a lot of cute (fake) food display.
I went there with my best food monster buddy Ticia and we ordered a chococro, Choco Berry Celebration parfait, and Gion.

Chococro (IDR 19.9k)
st marc cafe chococro
Ticia wanted to try this signature menu of St. Marc Cafe: chococro, so we bought it. It's a croissant with creamy but not melted chocolate filling. I like it tho because it's not too sweet. I just tried a bite and gave all of them to Ticia because I didn't really like dry pastry like this one to begin with.

Choco Berry Celebration (IDR 74.9k)
st marc cafe choco berry celebration
Our second menu is this parfait called Choco Berry Celebration, consisted of soft cream, vanilla ice cream, cake chunks, pudding, strawberry, and chocolate sauce. I can't say that this parfait is special because we thought the taste was pretty common, but still enjoyable. Pudding was rather bland when we ate it alone.

Gion (IDR 79.9k)
st marc cafe gion
Hands up for this best menu of St. Marc Cafe (in my opinion). I just loooove it! I actually didn't like matcha before, but not too long before I tried this dessert, I suddenly couldn't pass anything with matcha in it -__- That's why I wanted to try this dessert like...I must.
This Gion is consisted of soft cream, red bean, red bean paste, green tea ice cream, and shiratama. These ingredients were seriously a perfect combination. We really enjoyed it but at the end it was too sweet because of the red bean paste. I also love it because the soft cream didn't melt fast like another soft cream. Now I'm craving for this, duh.
I really recommend you to try this one! ;)

Overall, we enjoyed our visit at this dessert house, although we think it's a bit pricey. I personally don't mind to spend money on the Gion tho ;p Hope you enjoy this post and じゃね!

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