Monday, December 2, 2013

A Pair of Special Shoes

"A pair of good special shoes will bring you to good places."
I'm a shoes lover and I think almost all of girls love shoes, right? I'm actually not a fan of high heels but when I saw these shoes I just can't resist! They're all so beautiful and you even can choose your own color!
Do you ever own a pair of shoes with special words in the sole before? Or do you want to customize your shoes with your favorite color? Let me introduce Sachlirene to you! :)
Sachlirene is a shoes brand that ships worldwide and it gives you 4 reasons to love it:
1. Wondersole
This is one of Sachlirene's shoes signature: Wondersole. You'll get a very special words from Sachlirene when you order a pair of shoes, and you won't know what it is until you open the package! Surprised! Hehee :p

2. Choose My Color
Another special feature: You can choose your favorite shoe color :D Sometimes we don't buy shoes because we don't like the color, so you can mix and match the color that suits your preference here. And yey you own a very special shoes with your favorite color!
3. Size Guide
This is a very important part when you buy shoes online: the size. Some people don't like to buy shoes online because they afraid the size won't fit, but don't worry because Sachlirene will help you with this! Here is the very clear size guide to help you know your shoes size:
Just simply follow the procedure and you will get the right size for your shoes :)
4. Easy Payment
Sachlirene offers you a comfortable way to pay. Indonesia customers can pay in both USD or IDR and you also can complete the payment via paypal or bank transfer.

So, interested no? Just visit their website now! :) Ah, Sachlirene has a lot of shoes collection, such as heels, platform, flats, wedges, sandals, etc. These are my 2 favorite shoes xD
For more info and shoes model, visit Sachlirene Indonesia or Sachlirene then choose your country.
Instagram: @sachlirene_id // Facebook:

Happy Shopping!! :)

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