Saturday, December 28, 2013


Holla!! Happy (late) Christmas! I'm on holiday and have no internet connection as usual TvT I just got wifi at Pizza Hut and lucky I bring my lappy :3 My aunt and cousin are here, so we go out everyday and it means I also have some outfit posts queuing. Please stay tuned! :))
This is not really holiday because I still have to do my final assignments *sob* I wish time pass a little faster until I finish this semester. Please! And about my outfit, it's just a simple outfit because I went to ITC Mangga Dua and got some new hauls. We also went to MKG at night to picked my another aunt up. I just wore the black tee to the ITC and put the Bart Simpson shirt when I went to Mall. It's raining outside and I couldn't take proper outfit photos, that's why the photo spot here are so random :p 
Jaa, see you on the next post! I AM EATING PIZZA NOW GUYS!

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