Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review: さようなら 2013

 Holla! A few hours to 2014, are you ready? Hehee 2013 has been a tough year yet awesome for me. A lot of things happened and some of them make me believe (really believe) that DREAMS DO COME TRUE babe :)
When I mentioned "tough", it's just actually about my study especially this semester. No serious problems...I just realized it hahaha :p Maybe it's because I have no drama with...'love'? My friends seem like so frustated because of it. I just keep admiring 2D boys and KPOP boyband- L.Joe, C.A.P, Woo Bin, Jong Suk, Jun Hyung, Hyuk, Ravi, blablabla- they're just too perfect :3 
So, if I look back, 2013 is an awesome year! I really mean it :D Here are the highlights of 2013 yuhuuu~
Really! THIS IS REALLY DREAM CAME TRUE OMG! I've been loved Super Junior since junior high school and after 7 years I saw them. In. Front. Of. My. Eyes. EUN HYUK! KANG IN! I thought I won't scream like other fan firl do but...WHATEVERRRR!! KYAAAK! I was super in love with Teen Top that time so maybe you can imagine how excited I was hahaha. I SAW L.JOE for God's sake! I'm so lucky because I love most of the boy/girlbands that came! That is really best thing happened to me in 2013. 

Another dream came true :) I'm featured in Gogirl! magazine, one of fashion magazines in Indonesia. I thought I won't be featured because I didn't get an email reply from them. My friend told me and I was so surprised and happy...and proud. At least (some of) my friends won't underestimate my passion in fashion anymore hehehe :p

I always want my artwork for being featured, or applied on other media like phone case, tote bag, tee, etc. Because of my busy schedule for university, I couldn't make it come true. One day I saw some artist's design on Merrygorounds and I like "Ah, I also want to be like them, how they make it? Is it Merrygorounds' owner that contact them or what?" then I just forgot it. One Sunday morning, I got comment on my instagram from Merrygorounds that offered me to be an artist for their upcoming website. I was reallyyyyy happy! Thank you for the opportunity really! :")

Life is good! I wish you a happy new year and 2014 will be more awesome year for all of us! xx

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