Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 non-no // 2013 ノン-ノ

Free booklets, One of them is at my home so I don't post the photo here~
This year's freebies: Lowrys Farm totebag (never use it); Little Twin Stars pouch (for camera's charger); Nice Claup totebag (perfect for my laptop); earth wallet (daily use); Lowrys Farm x tights :)
Ah, so here is where my money go :')
Hi there! Happy Sunday :)
Time flies so fast, one year almost pass again. (thinking so long, dunno what to type...)....................
So, maybe you know I love japanese style and I love japanese magazine like so so much. I've bought nonno since 2011, and subscribed it started from 2012 until now. I love this magazine because the style suits me perfectly and the lovely freebies make it worth to buy. IDK why this year there were only some editions that came with freebies. Because the price is not cheap in Indonesia, I decided to stop subscribing although I actually really love this magazine.
I bought these magazines because of the freebies, but then it also becomes my inspiration for styling and drawing so I keep buying them. Uni is really busy right now, so I have a little time to enjoy myself. I seldom do blogging, I bought the magazines, leave it at the bookshelf and have no time to read them (okay I actually can't read). I even don't draw outfit illustration lately *blamegroupassignments* *blameindividualassignments* *crying* Nah sorry for nagging hehee :p
Anyway next week (tomorrow) is the last week of Semester 5, 3 weeks holiday (it's not holiday actually I got soooo many assignments!!! T_T), and the final exam on January. Wish me luck. I must survive 'till the end~~ I hope I can post outfit post soon :D Bye!

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