Saturday, August 30, 2014

Parental Advisory

I finally got this Parental Advisory sweatshirt at H&M's men section, again. The material is thicker than my other sweatshirts, and when I wore it in this photos it was so freaking hot and I decided to change into t-shirt OTL. A little update of my uni life: I'm gonna start my final project soon with my friends. Another hectic semester is coming, guys! I will try to update this blog often.....yeah, I wish :) 
Here is a bonus photo:
Getting chubbier and chubbier (or fat) because all I do is eat

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do You Want Some Ice Cream?

Crop Tee- H&M // Skirt- Unbranded // Bag- Coach // Sandals- Rubi

It's been awhile since the last full outfit post, huh? I wore this to meet my relatives from Solo at Central Park. I wish I could go to Pullman everyday just to take outfit photos! Hahaha. Outdoor lighting is the best. I bought this crop top at H&M and the sandals from Cotton On, they're new items. I also decided to grow out my bangs because of the same reason: bored. Is it better with/without bangs?

music: Got7- Good Tonight, A // BTS- Danger

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Another last month's photos. The reason I didn't post anything for a week is not because "I have no internet connection" anymore, it's now "Because I have internet connection I can't stop fangirling over those KPOP and 2D boys!". Back to this post, we went to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). We didn't visit all of the places in TMII because it was raining (yes, after being so hot all day long). I personally want to go to the castle but okay let's just go there next time. I took 500++ photos and I was really stunned and thought how to make a blog post about this. So I just picked some photos I love, include the outfit I wore that day, edited them, and here they are! It's actually really effortless outfit because I knew it would be so freaking hot and I didn't want to burden myself by wearing something not comfortable. The cap and t-shirt are both from H&M on the man section. I love boy clothing hahaha.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ancol // Bandar Djakarta

Please ignore my nostrils, I love this shot so much hahaha
Kerang batik
Kepiting lada hitam
Udang bakar madu
I went to Ancol last month with my aunt and her family. It was so hot and windy at the same time. The main reason we went there was actually to eat seafood at Bandar Djakarta lol. I love their seafood so much, especially udang bakar madu, and I also tried the crab with black pepper sauce and it's sooo delicious! We actually ordered a lot, it was 3 kinds of prawns, grilled fish, clams, etc. I didn't take photos because you know, I was too busy with those food.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Artwork So Far

My three done artworks so far. You can order these for your smartphone case :) Just simply visit Merrygorounds or send me email! Hehe x

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