Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Event Report: Popcon Asia 2015

Hi, dreamers! I've mentioned on a few last posts that my friends and I took part of Popcon Asia 2015 - Artist Alley this year. This was the first time I sold my artworks directly; where I could meet the people who bought my artwork. It was a fun experience, I'm so thankful!
I also met a lot of passionate creative people there, I love their artwork but unfortunately I was so broke because of the production thingy so I couldn't (and shouldn't) buy too much. The last day euphoria was amazing! We did art trade and gave some people gifts (with our autographs), of course I got some too, lol. Enough of blabbering, I hope you enjoy these photos!
Took my booth's photo on the last day because the first day was hectic and I didn't even take photo of my sold-out tote bags
I'm actually a fan of Donald Duck
I looooove them!
My so called "most wanted" thing from the first day, lol
Meet the team:

What I got that day, some of them are art trade, gift, and freebies :)
My most favorite haul!
Because I can't live without ramen!
So sad Kuro one was sold out ;(
Been eyeing this pack of badges from Pronto Pixel and finally bought it on the last day. Oh, he gave me that colorful pack for free!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Favorite Evening Dresses from PromTimes

Hi, Dreamers! How's your weekend going? On this Saturday night, I want to talk about evening dresses. Girls want to be beautiful and stunning, especially on special occasions like prom nights, best friend's wedding, family birthday party, etc. I'm not a girly type, as I've mentioned it so many times, but I'm still a girl. When I have special occasion to attend, I somehow want to dress prettily. When I saw the evening dresses from PromTimes, I simply couldn't stop clicking 'next' to see more dresses. I will show you some of my favorite evening dresses (which was hard to choose), but let me explain about PromTimes first.
PromTimes is  one of world's leading online retailers and they have the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet, operating throughout the United States and Europe. PromTimes offers a wide array of national, private, and exclusive brands which reflect the company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices. Their vision is to provide customers with the best products with the best service at the best price.

I browsed through the website and it's easy to navigate, you can look for your perfect dress by choosing the various categories. I found a lot of beautiful evening dresses, and these are my favorite:

If you want to wear something girly, sweet, romantic yet stunning, you can try their pink evening dresses. These are my personal favorite pink dresses:
You want to buy a new awesome evening dress for your special occasion but tight on budget? Keep calm and visit PromTimes because they also offer many beautiful evening dresses under £50.
So, these are some of my favorite evening dresses from PromTimes. Note that these dresses are custom made for you, the fabric of these handmade occasion dresses are lightweight and comfortable, which means you can choose your own desired color, perfect for special occasions. I hope this post can help you finding your perfect evening dress for your special occasion, dreamers!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

(Incomplete) Inktober 2015

inktober 2015
inktober 2015 girl
inktober 2015 flower girl
inktober 2015 tea girl
inktober 2015 matcha parfait girl
inktober 2015 favorite look
inktober 2015 sweets craving girl
inktober 2015 cool girl
inktober 2015 inspired outfit
inktober 2015 watercolor girl
inktober 2015 skater girl
Hi, dreamers! It's been a while since the last time I posted about my drawings. I'm being lazy as I've finished my college life. I tried to participate Inktober again this year, but again I couldn't complete all 31 drawings. This will be a quick post, I need to finish some works :( Please stay tuned for the next post!
1. Pontianak was full of smoke that time!
2. Finally flied back to Jakarta
3. A lady-like girl 
4. Do you want to have some tea?
5. I ate matcha parfait that day. Still trying hard to love matcha
6. My all time favorite look
7. A girl craving for some sweets
8. I need that hat but mom won't let me buy it 
9. A drawing inspired by @seafoooood's outfit
10. I love watercolor, but still need some practice
11. Watched Goosebumps with my bro and Slappy was so creepy
12. Skater girl *swag*

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