Wednesday, November 4, 2015


みなさん こんにちは! I think most of you aware that I love Japan so much, especially the fashion and style. Most of my published outfit posts here were inspired by Japanese street style. So, I just found out about this online store selling cute Japanese and Korean fashion items, named Sanrense. They sell clothing (top, dress, jacket, etc.), shoes, bags, and accessories. I checked out their website and there are a lot of cute stuff, I can't decide which one I love the most.

I browsed through the website and decided to show you some items I love and suit my style the most:
Harajuku carrots tomatoes printing short sleeve dress
I've been looking for this kind of dress for a long time, I love it because it's cute and comfortable at the same time. There are 3 kinds of prints: tomatoes, carrots, and mushroom; and I especially love the carrots one. It's so kawaii!

Harajuku style V neck sweater
I love this sweater! It suits my style the most: sporty, boyish, with a little touch of kawaii. Lace-up is in trend right now and I'm happy I found this one. It's available in pink and black, but I prefer pink.

Next are my style's key item: jacket, outerwear, you name it. I really love their jacket collection, I want them all!
Sweet ice cream color baseball jacket
Varsity jacket and pastel color: I can't ask for more! I rarely see varsity jacket with pastel color and the color combination is so cute. It's also available in white x mint green, which is also super cute.
Japanese harajuku student coat
Just one reason to like this jacket: it color. I never own a jacket in purple color so this one caught my eyes.
Cute cartoon snacks graffiti coat
This one is also so cute. Love the color and the prints. It also available in deep blue and red, but I personally think this one is the cutest.
Funny cute cartoon monster dinosaur backpack
This backpack is so cute, lol. I think people would stare if I use it tho :)) There's also another backpack I love:
Cartoon wings shoulders bag
Korean fashion wings sneakers
 I want a pair of white sneakers right now, and I found this on the website. It's so cute with the wings and I think it can be the statement item for your outfit. It's available in black and silver too. I also love the silver one.
Korean sweet stars shoes
I really really love this one! It's unique and chic, I also can wear it to semi-formal occasions. I think it suits both boyish and girly style.

So, above are some of my favorite items from Sanrense. They still have a lot of cute stuff so make sure to check out their website. You can also use my coupon code "japobs" to get 10% discount.

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