Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Event Report: Popcon Asia 2015

Hi, dreamers! I've mentioned on a few last posts that my friends and I took part of Popcon Asia 2015 - Artist Alley this year. This was the first time I sold my artworks directly; where I could meet the people who bought my artwork. It was a fun experience, I'm so thankful!
I also met a lot of passionate creative people there, I love their artwork but unfortunately I was so broke because of the production thingy so I couldn't (and shouldn't) buy too much. The last day euphoria was amazing! We did art trade and gave some people gifts (with our autographs), of course I got some too, lol. Enough of blabbering, I hope you enjoy these photos!
Took my booth's photo on the last day because the first day was hectic and I didn't even take photo of my sold-out tote bags
I'm actually a fan of Donald Duck
I looooove them!
My so called "most wanted" thing from the first day, lol
Meet the team:

What I got that day, some of them are art trade, gift, and freebies :)
My most favorite haul!
Because I can't live without ramen!
So sad Kuro one was sold out ;(
Been eyeing this pack of badges from Pronto Pixel and finally bought it on the last day. Oh, he gave me that colorful pack for free!

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