Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BOURBON Hello Kitty Cocoa Cookies

bourbon hello kitty cocoa cookies
こんばんは, dreamers! I was busy preparing for my graduation these past days and I'm officially graduated from uni now. Welcome real life, let's fight for our dreams! 
Today I want to show you this BOURBON Hello Kitty Cocoa Cookies Japanese Gift Can. My brother bought it for me when he went to Japan. He knows I love Hello Kitty so he always brought back Hello Kitty things for me, lol. And I was super happy with this one! These cookies is just too kawaii to be eaten.
hello kitty cocoa cookies
One can contains of 54 pieces cute cookies: 6 Hello Kitty head cookies, 24 Hello Kitty (wink and happy) little cookies, 12 tolte coffee cream cookies, and 12 tolte white cream cookies. Let's start unboxing!
cute hello kitty cookies
This is too cute!!!
It's taped so the can won't be accidentally opened.
Ta-da! I could smell the cookies' fragrant when I opened the can lid. It's too cute to be eaten but I also wanted to try it because it smelled so good, lol.
hello kitty cookies inside
The cookies were actually stored in 2 layers, and I just realized about it when I finished the top layer.
Closer look
cute hello kitty cocoa cookies
The cookies were crispy and the cocoa fragrant was so good. It's not too sweet nor bland, I love the taste. I love to eat this while working on my projects, and I think it will be perfect with a cup of hot tea. If you happen to visit Japan, I suggest you to buy it, I don't know if it's limited edition or not tho...

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