Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Wear: Sukajan // スカジャン

sukajan jacket
Sukajan (スカジャン) is Japanese souvenir jackets with some Japan symbols embroidery on the front and back, which American troops brought it back to their homelands as souvenir during World War II. I have seen a lot of Japanese street style wearing sukajan and because I am a Japan and jacket lover to begin with, this jacket is a must-have item. It's kinda difficult to find a perfect sukajan, I browsed it randomly on Instagram and found some but they're sold out so fast. When I saw this one, I thought that "I must buy it, like now!" I contacted the seller and made deal so fast, lol. It's secondhand (vintage) item but overall the condition is still nice, except the cuffs area.

how to wear sukajan
Sukajan- Vintage // Dress- Cotton On // Sneakers- Vans sk8-hi // Watch- Fossil
I wore this to Baywalk mall a few days after I went back from Pontianak. I don't know if you realize something different on this post, but I started wearing eyeliner and lip tint. I didn't even care about it at all before. I'm still not a fan of (full/heavy) make up but I do love eyeliner and lip tint so yeah, I will try to wear some now.
Back to the outfit, how to wear sukajan in my way? A basic black tee dress and black high-top sneakers, put on sukajan, done. One thing I love about Sukajan is this badass vibe. I don't need to put much effort on the outfit because the Sukajan itself is already a statement. Wear it over basic plain outfit and voila! it will totally change the look.
I'm actually always wearing glasses ;(
Anyway, it's December again! Time sure flies so fast. I have made some missions for next year but I've decided to keep it for myself only this time (although one of my friend already knew about it, lol). I want to do as much as I can for the rest of 2015, がんばります!

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