Sunday, May 31, 2015

Find Your Perfect Prom Dress: Sherry London

Heyho! In Indonesia, the 3rd grade of high school students are already had their national exams and even received the graduate announcement. As I know, they also will have some farewell party, or I can say it's the prom night. I can see a lot of local magazine take this prom night as the theme of the month. I didn't really experience the so-called prom night back then in high school. Although they said it's prom night, it's held in our school and we actually wore casual outfit. Okay, maybe not all of us but I was one of the students who wore casual outfit. I was not a fan of dress and I didn't want to spend money just for buying dress for that one event in the school (yes, I was THAT stingy). But at this moment, I think it's not really bad to spend money on prom dress, considering it's one moment you will never experience again in your life. To be honest, I wish we could have our prom night not in school but in a hotel ballroom or at least restaurant, so that I could wear a better outfit.
For you who will soon have your own prom night, I have some suggestions of the dress you can wear. I couldn't wear it anymore, but I can at least suggest you some awesome prom dresses! One of the online store selling various dresses, include prom dresses is Sherry London. Once I going through the website, I'm amazed by the dresses. It's so difficult to choose just one dress, they're all so beautiful and it makes me realized I'm truly a girl inside, hahaha. We can choose the dress based on some filters such as: price range, neckline, back details, etc.
Here are some dresses I love and click the image to get you to the dress page:

I love this dress, especially the color. This soft green dress also gives kind of innocent yet elegant vibe. I suggest you to wear pretty long earrings to complete the look. This dress is perfect if your prom night is held in the ballroom.
Just like the dress above, I love this dress because of the color. The details on the front with see trough fabric make it looks unique and no longer a simple long dress. It's ankle length dress, so wear your best shoes and you're ready to go!
I totally fell for this dress! The flower details and see-through tulle fabric really catch my eyes, it's so pretty. If I wear this dress, I think I'll wear another short skirt inside, hehe.

If you want to try extraordinary style, you can go for this dress. It's 2 pieces that give you a effortless sweet look. It's available in black color too, but I prefer the pink one :)
This dress is perfect for you who want a simply pretty look. It may looks simple from the front, but the details on the back is totally makes this dress stunning. You can try up hairdo like buns with braids, or simply pony tail too show your back.
I really love this dress because it gives mysterious, elegant, and sexy feeling. Wear it with your favorite killer heels and you're ready to rock the night!

The dresses above are just some of my favorite, you can check another prom dresses on their website: Sherry London. I hope you find your perfect dress, have a nice prom night and go for that Prom Queen title, girls! ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bandung Diary: Morning Run

Yo, dreamers! I should've posted this last week but I had something urgent in my hometown so I flied back there. I also need to finish my internship report, prepare the presentation and take TOEIC test to graduate. To be honest, I'm also confused about what I'll do after all of this but let's just talk about it later.
I ran with this view
Walked trough this to reach the studio

I went to Bandung for my internship, so I lived there for around 2 months. I didn't plan it but I ended up eating a lot there, and again, gained weight. I had nothing to do on the weekend except looking for new place to eat, haha. I actually wanted to take outfit photos, but I just brought basic clothes for work yet I went anywhere by angkot so..yeah...I just gave it up.
I decided to run in the morning because I ate so much but I didn't do any exercise. Just say it's for my health and tried to lose weight but failed. I lived in the access to the airport and it's not main road so it's not really crowded in morning. I also once rode a bicycle with my friend trough the road and the view was amazzzzing. I didn't take any photos because I didn't bring my phone nor camera. I could take these photos because I did it after the run, on the last week. I also took the photos of my neighborhood.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Black Daisy

Dress- Cache Cache // Shoes- New Look // Sling bag- Stradivarius // Watch- Fossil
Heyho, dreamers! Typing from Bandung, this is my last night staying here. I'm going back to Jakarta tomorrow morning. Typical of me, I think I will stay late AGAIN to do my internship report. I intended to do it last-last-last night but I ended up fallen asleep. every. single. night.
Anyway, it's been a long time since the last outfit post. This is actually my Chinese New Year outfit. I know, it's like....months ago. Late is always better than never, huh? I wore black on the CNY, it's not your average CNY outfit, hahaha. I love daisy so much and then I found this dress. I didn't buy it because I didn't have budget to buy new dress. Thank God, it's on sale when I saw it again and my Okaasan bought it for me :) I love it because it has daisy print on it and it's not a sleeveless dress, simple yet classic. Oh, don't forget it's cheap too. Black is the new red, everybody!
This post end here, I need to do my report.....or just sleep. おやすみ!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Style: Sporty Chic

As you can see on the outfit category of this blog, you can say I'm into simple, sporty and chic style (and a little bit girly sometimes). I'm not a girly girl to begin with, I love sports so much although I don't do any sports anymore now. I used to play basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, etc. I read about baseball from the manga and running man but I don't really know about it. I think Indonesian is not really into baseball, or is it just my speculation? :p
I won't talk about the baseball itself, I will just talk about the fashion items. As I can see out there, baseball hat and jersey is in these days. It gives those sporty, swag, and hip hop vibe which I love. I created a coordinate with a baseball hat, I hope you find it inspiring.
MLB hats- Fanatics // Tee- Parental Advisory // Shorts- Zara // Bomber Jacket- Kill Star Nasty M8 // Sneakers- Adidas
This coordinate is what exactly I'll wear to create a sporty chic look. The point is the baseball snapback and sneakers. You can never go wrong with these 2 items to create a sporty look, don't you agree? I'm in love with the bomber jacket sooo much! Anyway, if you want to have the authentic or officially licensed MLB hats of your favorite baseball teams, I recommend you to visit Fanatics! They provide the best MLB hats in the land, no matter what your style or size.

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