Monday, April 29, 2013

Next Post Sneak Peek

I will update this blog soon! I feel so guilty for not updating T_T I have a lot of assignments again now, and I also have some projects to do. Wish me luck for it! Will reveal it once I finish :3
So pleaseeee stay tuned for next posts and don't leave my blog hehehe :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teen Top No.1 Limited Album Unboxing

Heyyy it's bubble wrap!! *throw the album*
80 pages photobook
sticker photos!!! :))
The Photocard L.Joe x)
The CD. They're sooo handsome here!
I bought Teen Top limited album and it just arrived last week T_T This is so late because the release date was 25 February *cry cry cry* but at least I got the limited album :") It comes with super big poster and you can see it on google because I can't take the photo of it hahaha :p Very nice protection of bubble wrap, yesss I love to play with it. This is the first time I buy Kpop album, because I feel bored easily no matter how much I love the album before.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Outfit : Eat your burger and die

Whoop! Finally an outfit post :)) I wore this to Central Park Mall. My bang is too long already (///__-) You can see the outfit details on last post (here). I have a lot of Juizy Woozy tee because of the cute vector and it's also so comfortable :^)
Exam is finally over and I have this one week to guling-guling di kasur muahahaha! No, I'm not on holiday but I usually don't have any assignments to do on first week after exam -_- Anyway, I still have a lot of things to post. Please stay tuned! Anddd don't forget to follow me :3
Psst, here is my photographer // brother :

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Eat your burger and die" coordinate

Juizy Woozy tee // unbranded skirt (mangga dua) // comme des fuckdown snapback // jeanasis phone pouch // gosh creepers // topshop socks
Juizy Woozy tee // mobile power skinny // id girl backpack // gosh wedge sneakers // comme des fuckdown snapback
Juizy Woozy tee // 90degrees shirt // unbranded shorts (singapore) // instax mini 25s rilakkuma // converse sneakers // comme des fuckdown snapback

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recent Loves

juju jelly shoes // issey miyaki baobao // tuk creepers // tattoo tights // dungaree skirt (?) // kenzo cap
image : google
Hollaaa~ Exam is almost over! I didn't have enough sleep these 2 days. I just slept for maybe 3 hours (in 2 days) to finish my assignments such as 3D animation, 2D animation, character and set design for storyboard making and I also had to study CCT. So today I can sleep! muahahaha :3 I have to study for the last exam now !
Anyway, bonus photo from me : 
creeperstattoo tights

Friday, April 5, 2013


OMG I forgot to post this!! -____-" I post it after....1 month... So I went to Music Bank and finally I met Eun Hyuk (Super Junior) after 7 years adoring him!!! It was my first time watching concert and I was so luckyyyy that I could watch them. Most of them are my favorite boybands. I was going for TEEN TOP yeay! Also INFINITE.....and all of them hahaha :3 Whatever! I finally could see them in front of me, with my OWN EYES *sorry for fangirl-ing* I didn't bring my DSLR and brought my mom's pocket camera instead and these are the result T___T no good :'( But actually I just forgot about taking photos and busy fangirl-ing :p I haven't had time to edit the (super shaky) videos :((

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March via Instagram

I didn't realize I posted so many photos to instagram last month... I started read Naruto, bought neon colors backpack, tried out poppao, doodles in class, planning a project with my friend, rushing for exam, cats, got a DKNY watch, and finally cooked again after so long.
I'm officially 20 years old today. Bye teen years and I wish I would be maturer because I'm still a little kid inside :)) Anyway this is supposed to be a surprise from my friend but we accidentally met at SMS so it's an epic fail lol It's Poppao!! and they also bought me Comebuy hahahaha THANKS!

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