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How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo // Japan Solo Travel

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo | www.bigdreamerblog.comこんにちは, Dreamers! Finally I'm writing a post about one of the most asked question regarding to my solo travel to Japan: how did I take my photos there? Well, all you need is actually a strong will and... shameless personality, lol. Here are some of my tips and tricks I used to take my photos when I was traveling solo in Japan:
How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Tripod and Self-Timer | www.bigdreamerblog.comYes, I brought tripod on my backpack and took most of my photos with it. The most important thing is, you must be shameless for the sake of good photos, hahaha. There may be some people who stare but most of them just let you be, because they were busy taking photos/selfie of themselves there. Also, there are a lot of Japanese old people who use tripod so I'm not a strange view at all. Just note that you can't use your tripod everywhere especially indoor. Disney Sea/Land, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, One Piece Tower, won't allow you to use tripod because it'll disturb other people. Please at least ask before you use your tripod, you know, respect :) 
Took this one by set the tripod on the seat table. This only will do if the seat beside you is empty, okay?
Tips: I mostly use self-timer, but you can actually use a remote too. 

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Ask People to Help | www.bigdreamerblog.comSeriously this one is actually the best way you can do to take your photos when traveling solo! From my experience, people are nice enough to help you. Try to ask fellow traveler/tourists, or even offer them some help too because sometimes they can't take group photo without missing one person to take the photos. Some foreigner tourists even offered to help me taking photos without me asking. I was sooo thankful + the photos turned out good! Another thing about asking people, you get to talk with them and it's surprisingly fun, even for an introvert like me. 
Tips: Look for people who bring camera 👌

How to Take Photos When Traveling Solo - Use Surroundings |
If you don't have/bring any tripod (or maybe gorilla pod), you can actually put your camera on any flat/stable surface which can act like a tripod. There were some pics I took with this way, but please note that it may be risky! I put my camera on my suitcase for this photo because I was actually in rush so had no time to set the tripod. 
I took a risk by putting it on a slope surface and that's a bad idea. 

Aha! Get a monopod or even as simple as selfie stick to help you take another level selfie including the view behind you. When you travel, you will see another people bringing their selfie stick to take their own photos, so don't be shy nor thinking about people will stare at you or anything. As long as you get a great shot, right? :p But please be mindful of other people around you if you're gonna use monopod/ tripod. For me, because I didn't bring one, I used my tripod as monopod and it's freakin' heavy, lol. 
I actually lost most of my selfie photos because my phone's memory card is corrupted and ALL THE PHOTOS ARE GONEEE cryyy
Tips: Be creative in finding the angle!

I actually didn't have wide lens or action cam (Xiao Mi, Go Pro, you name it), but it is one of the common way to take photos when traveling solo. It's also convenient since you can control it by your phone, and it includes both you and the beautiful view. You can also maximize your Action Cam to take time lapse video, POV footage, etc. I've been thinking to get myself one, but nah, not now. 
Okay, that's all! When I was editing the photos, I just realized that I mostly asked people to help me take my travel photos 😂😂😂  Anyway, so glad to finally share about this, hope you find this post helpful and don't be shy to ask me any questions about solo traveling to Japan, Dreamers ;) Jaa ne~
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Beauty Rush with X2 // X2 Sanso Shadow

Hi, dreamers! This gonna be a quick and short event report since I was too focused and didn't really take many photos. I attended a blogger gathering with X2 and Lakme called "Beauty Rush". Basically there are talk shows, lunch, challenge, and games. of course they're all focused on eyes. The experts told us about the importance of taking care of eyes, especially when we're using soft lens. 
X2 has so many different range of color lens from natural color to bold color such as: My X2 Diary, X2 Glam (which I've made a review about it), X2 Bio, X2 Sanso. 
After talk show and lunch, they told us to try their new launched colors for X2 Sanso: Shadow and Onyx. I got mine in shadow and guess what, I finally found my perfect soft lens color! I thought I'd look good with brown lenses, but turns out I look better with grey color, don't I? 
When we already changed to X2 soft lens, we were having 5 minutes eye makeup challenge with Lakme and here was my result: I use the eyeliner for my signature wing eyeliner and added it with blue color eyeliner + blue eye shadow on below to create casual but bold look. Oh, not to forget to use the mascara for both upper and lower lashes. What do you think about it? xD
I actually have sensitive eyes and it's kinda hard to find a "perfect" soft lens. Surprisingly, X2 lenses are very comfortable and don't cause any irritation. The colors also pretty but natural at the same time. I've used this Sanso one in Cappuccino color before but I love this Shadow color much much more! They also gave me some new lenses in different range, will try them soon ;)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Museum MACAN Jakarta // Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama

Infinity Mirrored Room Yayoi Kusama Museum MACAN |
こんにちは,ドリーマー! I don't usually write about Museum or Exhibition here, but I MUST for this one! I didn't think I would make it to this hype museum because it's quite far and I didn't know who to ask to accompany there. Then, one of my friend asked if I want to go with them, of course I said yes. Therefore, I can write it here, yeay!
Museum MACAN (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara) was already open since 4 November last year, and I'm actually visited it pretty late, but it doesn't really matter, right? It's located at AKR Tower (Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta) level MM. Simply ask the security there if you can't find the venue ;) It's better to buy the ticket via their website, it costs IDR 50k for adult, IDR 40k for students/senior, and IDR 30k for child. You still have a chance to visit it until 18 March 2018, so don't you buy your ticket now? Hehe.
Before entering the museum, we will pass the ticket checking gate first. The security will check your stuff and the rules are pretty strict. I brought my usual black backpack and he told me to leave it to the deposit counter because it's too big. I asked him why (I just have too much "why?" stocks in my brain) and he said it's the rules. Okay, sir. You can't bring your drinking water inside, too. 
| Tips: bring a small bag/pouch so you don't need to leave them.
Museum MACAN features 90 artworks from the Museum's collection in around 4000 meter square venue, which is pretty big and spacious (and cool!). Oh, they also offering some program and workshops!  I am no expert in art nor musem/exhibition thingy so this is pretty much just sharing what I love from the exhibition :) 
To be honest, I'm not a painting lover (just personal preference) and more into installation/ modern art. So.... I actually just left those parts and went straight to last section. I planned to go back from the front later tho, but I couldn't make it in the end. 
I have always wanted to see these cute artworks and installation since I saw them on Instagram. I'm a big fan of cute/kawaii artworks, so I know Takashi Murakami. I've fallen in love with these two cute rabbits called Kiki and Kaikai, oh look at that flower ball too!

This artwork is so me; "I do not rule my dreams, my dreams rule me."
Another artwork I love is this "Asean +3" by  Yukinori Yanagi. It's an artwork from the "Flag" series that consists of 13 national flags that make up the 10 members of the ASEAN + China, Japan, and South Korea. What amazed me is that each flag is made from colored sand and connected by transparent tubes....with ANTS INSIDE! I spent a lot of time here, lol.
Read this artwork and I was like "Hahahaha, genius". 
Also amazed by this artwork made by gunpowder :O
Anddd, finally the highlight of this post: Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama! Actually this is the main reason I want to visit Museum MACAN. The color combination just sooo me: pink, blue, yellow. I've been  a fan of Yayoi Kusama's infinity room. So sad I didn't visit the exhibition in Tokyo T.T 
We need to queue to get into this small room and we're only given 30 seconds because of the crowd. On the weekdays you can get 40 or 45 seconds, tho. Basically, everyone just want to take a photo inside this room. Well, me included. I queued for around 40 minutes and managed to take some photos. BUT! I didn't enjoy the artwork at all because I was busy taking photos. Which made me decided to queue again, this time to just enjoying the masterpiece (this time 1 hour *sigh*). You know, people these days visiting museum/exhibition not to purely enjoy the artworks, but taking photos for their Instagram feeds. I tried really hard to just shot some pics and enjoying the artworks without camera.
How to take the photos inside: step in straight, stop behind the yellow circle, and take your best shot. Be careful because there is water inside. Don't touch anything and no flash, please.
| Tips: Set your camera before you go in, Auto and Burst mode is recommended ;p
Here are some installations outside (you can enjoy them before going in or after visiting Infinity Mirrored Room). My favorites of course this Yayoi Kusama's "The Visionary Flowers" and Hulk Wheel Barrow. 
And guess what! I coincidentally met my friend Paula there :))) We spent most of our time together back then in middle school, hahaha. 
In the end, it's a shame I couldn't enjoy all of the artworks there. I even passed some sections because I spent too much time queuing for that Infinity Mirrored Room. Will visit it again by myself, maybe. Jaa, see ya on the next post 💖

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