Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bandung Diary: Morning Run

Yo, dreamers! I should've posted this last week but I had something urgent in my hometown so I flied back there. I also need to finish my internship report, prepare the presentation and take TOEIC test to graduate. To be honest, I'm also confused about what I'll do after all of this but let's just talk about it later.
I ran with this view
Walked trough this to reach the studio

I went to Bandung for my internship, so I lived there for around 2 months. I didn't plan it but I ended up eating a lot there, and again, gained weight. I had nothing to do on the weekend except looking for new place to eat, haha. I actually wanted to take outfit photos, but I just brought basic clothes for work yet I went anywhere by angkot so..yeah...I just gave it up.
I decided to run in the morning because I ate so much but I didn't do any exercise. Just say it's for my health and tried to lose weight but failed. I lived in the access to the airport and it's not main road so it's not really crowded in morning. I also once rode a bicycle with my friend trough the road and the view was amazzzzing. I didn't take any photos because I didn't bring my phone nor camera. I could take these photos because I did it after the run, on the last week. I also took the photos of my neighborhood.

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