Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Style: Sporty Chic

As you can see on the outfit category of this blog, you can say I'm into simple, sporty and chic style (and a little bit girly sometimes). I'm not a girly girl to begin with, I love sports so much although I don't do any sports anymore now. I used to play basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, etc. I read about baseball from the manga and running man but I don't really know about it. I think Indonesian is not really into baseball, or is it just my speculation? :p
I won't talk about the baseball itself, I will just talk about the fashion items. As I can see out there, baseball hat and jersey is in these days. It gives those sporty, swag, and hip hop vibe which I love. I created a coordinate with a baseball hat, I hope you find it inspiring.
MLB hats- Fanatics // Tee- Parental Advisory // Shorts- Zara // Bomber Jacket- Kill Star Nasty M8 // Sneakers- Adidas
This coordinate is what exactly I'll wear to create a sporty chic look. The point is the baseball snapback and sneakers. You can never go wrong with these 2 items to create a sporty look, don't you agree? I'm in love with the bomber jacket sooo much! Anyway, if you want to have the authentic or officially licensed MLB hats of your favorite baseball teams, I recommend you to visit Fanatics! They provide the best MLB hats in the land, no matter what your style or size.

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