Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hola! February!

I'm in my dorm now because I have to go to campus tomorrow to arrange the new semester's schedule. And I'm so happy that my semester 3 results are not bad. I will work harder in this new semester!
I went to 3 places last Sunday, first was Kota Kasablanka Mall (my brother went there to buy wakai shoes, and then my mom also bought it, and my size already not available, and I ended up buy new converse -_-), took my Nonno at Plaza Senayan, and Mall Taman Anggrek. I seldom wear pants except for college, but I think it's not bad to wear it outside. I think it's just boring if I always wear shorts/skirt. I love that blue bag, it's from my auntie when she went to Korea :))

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Street Style Inspo

 images from :

Hello guys :D I'm writing this post at Jco, drinking iced cappuccino caramel jelly. I don't really like caramel because it's so sweet, but for this drink OK lah :p
Above are some street style I love, picture taken from . Have I mentioned that I wanna be street style photographer? It's one of my so-many dreams. I especially love Japan for the street style.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blogger Illustration : Veren Lee
Finally, exam is (almost) over ! I slept very very enough yesterday *happy* I made this drawing of Veren, I love the skirt and I want to buy it but have no account like paypal/whatever to pay. Maybe should ask my sister to help me pay it...............
About the drawing, the bag color should be neon yellow, but when I scanned it, it turned out like that :(

Trend Alert : Cat everywhere

cat #1

cat #2

cat #3

cat #5

cat #5 by japobs featuring a zipper bag
cat #4
cat #4 by japobs featuring cat jewelry
Made some polyvore sets of cat fashion items :D Cat is really popular right now, isn't it? I want that Romwe cat dress so badly, and that colorful jumper!
And my cat hoodie , gift from Korea................

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SeaWorld Indonesia , Ancol

OOTD: 90degress shirt//new look mint shorts//converse sneakers//bag from my auntie :)
I went to Seaworld with my grandparents and my parents and brother. It was fun! I forgot when the last time I went to Seaworld before this. It's not really big but Ok lah :p I wish I could visit Japan aquarium and another country's. I also went to ancol beach but just to take the boat because it's getting dark already and I must back to Serpong. I wanted to eat at Bandar Djakarta but it's too crowded, so........... I ate pepper lunch at Serpong *cry*

Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY tutorial : galaxy shoes

This is my first DIY tutorial post, I know this is not  really good, but I wanna share it for you :)

What you need :
- plain shoes
- acrylic color (black, blue, purple, white and pink)
- brush, sponge & toothbrush
- paper tape

How I made it :
- Stick the paper tape around the sole
- Put the acrylic on pallete, this is to make us pick the color easier
- I apply the black color all around the shoes first, and randomly apply the purple, dark blue, light blue and pink to the shoes
- Use the wet toothbrush to spray the white dust
- Remove the paper tape and you're done! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blogger illustration : xoxo HiLAMEE

xoxo HiLAMEE

This is my new project : I will make drawing of blogger's outfit and post it to my blog and for the blogger. I think it will help me to improve my drawing skill. I start this with Mizuho's blog :)
Anyway, comic making final project is done! I'm so happy that I can sleep, and then I slept from 4 pm to 1:30 am. overslept. lol

Saturday, January 12, 2013

WIP : comic

1. My messy workspace
2. Me working :p :p
It's D-3 submission and we haven't finished yet. Gotta work really hard these few days. D-2 exam!

music : Leessang - I'm not laughing // SNSD - I got a boy

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Being an animation student ?

Hello there ! I'm so depressed because of exam's take home tests and assignments and I think it's must be so nice if I just can do whatever I want or do nothing but sleep and reading books. Hahaha but I can't. If I do it, my assignments won't be done and I won't pass this semester *crazy*
I'm working on 2D animation assignments now and I haven't started the exam! I must finish the assignments today, and also make some progress on another assignment (maybe 3D or digital painting), I still have to do the group assignments : comic , miniature prototype and stop motion animation. Being an animation student is NOT EASY AT ALL but fortunately I never think to give up. I'm kinda perfectionist and it's sometimes killing me. I worry to much about my result, and I will disappointed if the result is not as I expected too much. I also feel so lucky to have a lot of people that support me the fullest :) thank you!
Above are my favorite quotes. I make the second and third picture but it's not my own quotes. To read inspiring quotes and words you can visit Icanread . I love it so much :D
Welcome hectic week ! :')

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