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Wanderlust: Jogjakarta Pt. II // Night Tour

malioboro street
Hello, dreamers! Merry Christmas! Tonight I'm gonna post about my trip to Jogjakarta again. You can read part one here. After left the beach, we still wandered here and there because...we haven't got place to stay. We actually already booked a room but we were late to respond their text so they gave the room to other people. It's difficult to find empty room because it's holiday season (long weekend) and a lot of hotels were already full.
When we finally found one, it's sooo far from the city and kinda scary so we cancelled it. Thank God we found one near the infamous Jalan Malioboro, it's a small hotel but comfortable named Hotel Mawar Asri. I didn't take any photos of the hotel's interior, gomen ne. ㅠ ㅠ
becak malioboro
We rested and took a bath then walked to Jalan Malioboro to look for something to eat. It's pretty crowded but unfortunately I didn't have chance to explore this place to the fullest. We left by car to go to another location to eat Angkringan.
They played music along Malioboro Street
This is called delman.

Angkringan Gareng Petruk
warung angkringan
Angkringan is one of the iconic culinary in Jogjakarta. It's actually a cheap food stall with various rice in small portion (nasi kucing) and satay (sate). It's a self-service; we just take all the food we want, order drink, and pay then we can eat along the sidewalk.
nasi angkringan
Various type of rice
sate angkringan
Various satay
my angkringan
I ate two kinds of rice, it's nasi goreng sambal ijo (green chili fried rice) and nasi suwir ayam pedas (spicy shredded chicken rice) with three kinds of satay: quail eggs, meatball, and sausage. Yessss I ate two portions because I was deadly hungry and the portion was just so small, hahaha. I love the rice so much while the satay were just tasted so-so. I forgot the price but it's so cheap, trust me. I think it's around IDR 20.000.
kopi joss
This is another must-try drink at Angkringan: kopi joss. It's a cup of black coffee with hot charcoal. I didn't order this because I didn't want to stay awake all night long ㅠ ㅠ.
How we ate at Angkringan Gareng Petruk

Tugu Yogyakarta
tugu yogyakarta
We were full and took a quick visit to Tugu Yogyakarta, snapped some photos and left, lol.

Alun- Alun Kidul
We continued our night tour to Alun-Alun Kidul. This alun-alun is a King Palace's (Istana Keraton) backyard and also a famous destination in Jogjakarta, especially for its Pohon Beringin. There is local tradition known as Meringin, which is to pass between those two trees with your eyes closed, and if you can walk straight trough it, your wish will be granted. I didn't manage to try it but I heard most of people failed to walk straight. Again, I didn't take any photos of it because it's so dark :( I will make sure to write more about it when I visit Jogjakarta again!
mobil alun alun kidul
Another attraction at Alun- Alun Kidul is these cars with pedals. We decided to try it although it's already so crowded. I forgot how much money we paid for this, but it's quite pricey. Why? Because we literally trapped in "traffic jam" lol. It's too crowded and we couldn't move the cars.

House of Raminten

waiting list raminten
The last destination is an iconic restaurant in Jogjakarta: House of Raminten. Raminten is actually the name of a woman character in TV show Pengkolan (TVRI) played by Hamzah Sulaeman; the owner. This restaurant's concept is traditional and Javanese, with unique and fun twist. It's already around midnight when we arrived there but there were still a lot of people waiting outside. We waited for a while and finally they called our name.
Entrance of the restaurant
interior raminten welcome
interior raminten
We sat on the lesehan (sit on the floor) area and ordered some snacks. Unfortunately, a lot of menu have already sold out, included the interesting milk menu served in a cup with boob shape. My friend ordered the chocolate flavor one and it's too sweet for my taste.
minuman raminten
susu raminten
 House of Raminten also sell some souvenirs for tourists:

Okay, that's all for my short Jogjakarta trip! I wish I could visit Jogjakarta again and explore more beautiful places so I can share with you guys. I hope you're having fun reading this post, じゃあね!

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