Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jakarta Fair

Yoo! I visited Jakarta Fair weeks ago with my aunt and her family. I basically don't like crowded place, but I had fun there. Call me a kiddo because I played that trampoline and boat but I don't care. It's my way to release my stress (you know, I just finished my final exam before I went there). The second photo was the only food I ate there, and it tasted like 'bolu' rather than waffle. Meh!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I didn't plan to take outfit photos that day because I didn't wear anything special. I went to Grand Indonesia to shop at H&M. After I shopped, my mom met her friends at Mangga Dua so my brother, dad, and I went to Mangga Dua Mall to spend time. The parking lot is surprisingly nice so I told my bro to take some photos, with new hat I got from H&M :p These photos were taken last month :")

GI 5th Anniversary pt. II // NAIF // Hunting Fields

Naif is Indonesian famous band, although I just know some of their song :p The second designer is Hunting Fields. I looove the jellyfish print! :) I won't say much, just enjoy the photos above hehe. 

GI 5th Anniversary pt. I // Freiderich Herman

Dreams do come true. Seven years ago, it's like a dream to attend a fashion show. I used to love watching Fashion TV everyday, dreamed to be a model lol. I attended this fashion show last month (yes, so sorry for the late post!), I also got a chance to visit the backstage. Of course, remind me of those Fashion TV shows I watched. I was so excited, and I met some bloggers too :) Thanks Grand Indonesia for the invitation! It's actually Grand Indonesia's 5th anniversary too. Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Blogger Gone Bad

Yes, another alibi. The main reason I don't update my blog is I don't have internet connection at home. Second, my aunt and her family came to Jakarta so I spent a week with them. Third, I have to finish my Final Project proposal before July 14. How can I update this blog right now? My phone as Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and leaving the proposal for awhile, haha. Stay tuned and don't leave me! I have a lot of stuff to post but..yeah you've read it above :p Jaa!

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