Thursday, October 28, 2010

my Brother's blog

hei ya readers !
nothing special these days =.=
really flat and sometimes i didn't enjoy my day .

I just wanna tell you that my brother (finally) having a blog .
He just made it , and i can't wait to read his blog :D
this is the blog : Crazy Will
Seems like he is similar to me .
We love dreaming and thinking anything impossible and unimportant :)
But who knows someday our "dreams" might come true :p

Sorry if my post today is boring m(_ _)m
I'm trying to save my money , it's difficult !
I love eating , and it makes me can't stand to buy something to eat .
How can i buy that "luxurious" thing if i keep doing this hobby ?? -.-

I'm having university test this Sunday .
Please wish me luck :)
I wanna do my best so that i won't feel any regret in the future .
ganbarimashita :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's Quote

"When you follow the dream in your heart , you're energised , inspired , and motivated"
-Dr. John F. Demartini-

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuff from Japan and Korea ! :D

konbanwa minnasan !! :D
Im really happy because my stuff from japan and korea have arrived yesterday .
My Otoosan was so lucky could go there !
He bought me a lot of CUTE things and i love all of them .
Arigatou otoosan ! ♥♥♥

This is a hoodie from Korea if im not mistaken .
Yes , it's expensive but he still bought me . Really thanks :)

another things :

My otoosan bought me this , and the bus left him =.=
So he might stop a taxi , and the price was not cheap at all . LOL
gomen to arigato na~

hmm this isn't from Japan or Korea , my mom bought it at a mall in Jakarta :p

I bought it at an accessories store , Stroberi . It's really cute and in fact it's match with my hoodie lol

i didn't ask my Mom to buy this , but she did -.-

FINALLY i have this watch ! Really happy *winkwink

ah my otoosan also bought me these cute Hello Kitty pens :)

Hm . What do you guys think about the photos ?
I mean the way i taking photo :)
I'm a newbie but i wanna be a pro photographer someday :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hey readers !! (especially girl readers) Im going to post some make up tutorial in this post .
Hm actually , it focus on eyes -how to apply eyeliner-
I really love it , so i wanna share it to you all :)
Enjoy (´ε` )♪ !!

P.S = click the pics to enlarge :)
This is GIRLY style

the BOYISH look

And this cool PUPRLE ♥

Hope you will love it just like me :)
You need to buy some color eyeliner or eyepencil , and then you can try these .
Actually i don't have any make-up equipments (*´д`*)

In Japan , flower printed long jumpsuit is really popular .
I think most of Japanese Gal have this outfit :D
If im suitable to this jumpsuit and im confident enough to wear it , i will buy it . Someday :p

This is one of my fav japanese moderu :

Her name is Tsubasa Masukawa .
I just think that she is really charismatic (>﹏<)
She is Edwin's wife .
Cute couple i think :)
They also have child already !
So nice .
Tsubasa is a creator of Dolly Wink .
There are fake lashes , nail color , lipgloss , lipstick , socks , etc .
LOVE HER !!!!!! (*/ω\*)”

OK , my post is end here .
See you on the next post ( ´∀`)つ

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