Thursday, October 28, 2010

my Brother's blog

hei ya readers !
nothing special these days =.=
really flat and sometimes i didn't enjoy my day .

I just wanna tell you that my brother (finally) having a blog .
He just made it , and i can't wait to read his blog :D
this is the blog : Crazy Will
Seems like he is similar to me .
We love dreaming and thinking anything impossible and unimportant :)
But who knows someday our "dreams" might come true :p

Sorry if my post today is boring m(_ _)m
I'm trying to save my money , it's difficult !
I love eating , and it makes me can't stand to buy something to eat .
How can i buy that "luxurious" thing if i keep doing this hobby ?? -.-

I'm having university test this Sunday .
Please wish me luck :)
I wanna do my best so that i won't feel any regret in the future .
ganbarimashita :D

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