Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Being an animation student ?

Hello there ! I'm so depressed because of exam's take home tests and assignments and I think it's must be so nice if I just can do whatever I want or do nothing but sleep and reading books. Hahaha but I can't. If I do it, my assignments won't be done and I won't pass this semester *crazy*
I'm working on 2D animation assignments now and I haven't started the exam! I must finish the assignments today, and also make some progress on another assignment (maybe 3D or digital painting), I still have to do the group assignments : comic , miniature prototype and stop motion animation. Being an animation student is NOT EASY AT ALL but fortunately I never think to give up. I'm kinda perfectionist and it's sometimes killing me. I worry to much about my result, and I will disappointed if the result is not as I expected too much. I also feel so lucky to have a lot of people that support me the fullest :) thank you!
Above are my favorite quotes. I make the second and third picture but it's not my own quotes. To read inspiring quotes and words you can visit Icanread . I love it so much :D
Welcome hectic week ! :')

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