Saturday, January 20, 2018

#japobsOOTD: Event Outfits

As you can see from this blog, I've attended some beauty events last year and each events had their own dress code. Here I am recapping the outfits that I wore to those events. Actually there are more than these, but somehow I couldn't find them anywhere, forgot where I store those pics T.T

Mad For Lipstick Event 

Here is my favorite event outfit. I came to this event straight from office and had to go back again #fulltimeworkerproblem. FYI, I never wear outfit like this to office, I wear something-you-will-wear-at-home outfit, hahaha. Mix and match game was strong for this one, I wore Paul Frank white top with black fringe bandage skirt that I never wear before, completed it with denim shirt. I also wore the black shoes for fresh look (hey, it's not sneakers, everyone!) and my blue bucket sling bag. Love this look, don't you? :p

Mizzu Event
This was like the easiest dress code for me: black and white. I have many monochrome pieces, but actually most of them are t-shirt. I tried to combine my One Piece t-shirt with stripes trousers and it looked plain so I added black varsity jacket. To make it even more casual, I wore sneakers. Well, this is the most comfortable event outfit I've ever worn, hahaha. It looked stylish too :))

Dear Me Event
It's unusual to see me wear something like this one: felt girly....and mature. You see, somehow I don't really like when I wear something that will show my true age, lol. I felt like it's the "standard" outfit girls my age wear. I wore white top from This is April x Chelsea Islan collection, which I bought because I love the design and paired it with "grandpa trousers" I got from Bershka. Completed the look with black shoes and yellow sling bag as a pop of color. My blogger friends still said this outfit was so me tho.

#BerasaJadiSelebgram Event
Felt like a kid with this outfit tho. The dress code was "Touch of Red" and I decided to wear something playful, hence I grabbed my red Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and denim. Not to forget my signature bandana (lucky I have so many colors, lol), white sneakers, and black backpack. You see, overall is the simplest hack to look stylish effortlessly. Adding some small touch like bandana or scarf also can make your look more stylish ;)

Dove Event
The dress code for this event was white and blue, and coincidentally I just bought a blue bucket bag. I wore this everyone's skirt (since it was like everyone is wearing it), a gingham asymmetrical skirt in tosca. I think this color is rare, at least, because everyone was wearing black one. I didn't want to wear something girly with this skirt so I chose my white Parent Advisory sweatshirt to pair with. Lastly, I put on white sneakers. Well, isn't it just so me? 

Natur-E Event
I can say that orange is not my color, or maybe it's just the top that's so-not-me plus my grown bangs that made look....older. I just decided to cancel my plan to grow my bangs before cutting it again- I CUT IT SHORT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY, hahaha. Just don't like it :))) Back to the outfit, orange was the dress code and I don't have any orange clothes unless an oversized tee that I bought in Japan, which is not really event-approved, imo. Sooo, I borrowed my mom's top, wore it with my purplish dress and sneakers for more youthful look. 
That's all! Which look is your favorite? Tell me on comment section xD
Stay tuned for more outfit post in the future~

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