Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I don't dress up for anyone but me

Sweatshirt- Promod // Skirt, Socks- Cotton On // Sneakers- League // Backpack- Zara
Hi, dreamers! I'm back with an outfit post. I wore this to meet Ticia and we decided to take each other's outfit photos. You can check her outfit on her blog: Tic Toc Pop. Next time we need to bring another person with us so we can take photos together, in one frame.....with concepts, lol.
Talking about my outfit, there is one thing similar from all of the items: they were on sale, except my backpack. I always love to buy sale items (okay, who doesn't?). This outfit was inspired by Japanese teen magazine, when I'm not even a teenager anymore, hahaha. I realized that I can't afford a fancy look, so what I can and will do is to show you my way to mix and match my closet into many different look, and I wish I can inspire you with these outfits.

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