Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Don't Let Me Down

don't let me down look | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
Greetings from room sweet room! How's your day going? I'm actually so sleepy right now but I push myself to finish this post tonight, it was supposed to be up yesterday :( I wake up early to work and I can't stand the sleepiness at night, so I always sleep before midnight now. That means, I don't really do blogwalking or whatever these days. Still finding a way to be more productive in personal projects as well. But I can promise you I won't stop blogging :p
Outfit: Don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
don't let me down outfit
don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
This was my Chinese New Year outfit, I wore red this year! Got this dress from ITC Mangga Dua at cheap price, around IDR 120k. I wore wedges but in fact I changed into slippers when I arrived at my Grandma's house, hahaha. Left my obsession over outerwear and tried not to care about my big arms, but I still felt uncomfortable and insecure about it. In the end, I borrowed my bro's shirt and I thought, "as expected, this style suits me more." What do you think, dreamers?
asian look - don't let me down | japobsganbare.blogspot.com
Anyway, I can't stop listening to Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya these 3 days. I love the tune and Daya's voice.

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