Monday, September 17, 2018

Event Report: #TerusAktif with the New Kotex Ultrathins

One thing I (or any girls) can't live without is sanitary pad. Especially when you're active and have many things to do, you need the right pad to support all your activities when you're on period. Long story short, I was invited to the launching event of Kotex Ultrathins by Beauty Journal. 
The event was started with the "launch" of Kotex Ultrathins inside a pinata-- was broken by Beatrice (Kotex) and Mira Monika (Sociolla). After that, we're having talk show. From the talkshow, we were learned that it's important to change our pads as many as possible. It's no good to use the same pad for a long time, even when you're too busy. If possible, we're suggested to change it everytime going to the toilet. 
Kotex Ultrathins is no.1 brand in Australia, designed for modern and active girls, so we can still do our activities without any worry. It can absorb 3x faster, ultra thin, breathable, and flexible. It has unique packaging design with string to keep it hygienic, pad is no longer boring white but now with colors and patterns. Kotex Ultrathins has two packaging: Rainbow (without wings) with 14 pads and Patterns (with wings) with 12 pads. 
After learning session, we're having fun time by playing group games such as photo challenge and  Twister. We're told to pose as modern and active girls at the photobooth there. Guess what, in the end we won that challenge, lol. Next, we played twister where one member of the group (my friend) must answered the question and if we failed, another member (me) must perform the punishment. We failed once tho, not bad lah hahaha. 
The event was fun and we got to catch up one with another, plus we got some important information about sanitary pads ;D They also gave us goodie bag from Kotex and the bag is super cute! Can't wait to try this when I'm on my period ;)

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