Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year , New Me (?)

top - Mango Disney | shorts - colorbox | bag & watch - bugis | flats - crocs
Last Sunday I went to Plaza Senayan to buy magazines . Yes I bought 3 -__- And I got my very first Used Mix :D After that , I went to Central Park to watch the fireworks . It's awesome !
And I wanna tell you that my mom's camera memory card is BROKEN !! OMG I can't take photos at Singapore and the photos that have been taken is can't be copied as well ! It's driving me crazy :(((
Back to reality , back to university life ! I HAVE TO DO A BUNCH OF ASSIGNMENTS ! I just finished one assignment , and have to do another one but I'm so bored so I'm posting this hehhee :p 
Okay , gotta do it now ! Bye :)

P.S : I just changed my Header and background ! ^^

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