Monday, March 12, 2018

CNY 2018 in Pontianak

HAPPY SUNDAY! Gonna update about a little escape diary to Pontianak to celebrate Chinese New Year 3 weeks ago. Finally after years (I think 5 or 6?) I decided to go back to my hometown to celebrate CNY with my grandparents and siblings from my mom's side. The CNY in Pontianak, especially the CNY's Eve is usually wayyyy more festive than Jakarta. I took day off from office for 2 days and spent total of 5 days in Pontianak. It was freakin' hot, just like always. Enough of blabbering, enjoy my photo diary of what I did, what I wore, and what I ate there ;)
I was living with my grandparents before moving to Jakarta and reuniting with my mom, dad, and bro.
My bro also went back to Pontianak. Here are some of my cousins ;)
Also met up with some high school friends, had a good time and good laugh, lol.

As you can see I just wore that one shoes/sandals everywhere. It's new shoes that I bought from Hijack Sandals, pretty expensive but it's super comfy so worth it lah. Note that Pontianak is super hot, so I can't bring myself to wear something "too much", hahaha. These outfits are the most "niat" outfit I've ever worn in Pontianak tbh. 

*brace yourself!
Kwe Kia Theng 
Pork porridge is my all time favorite! I ate 2 days in a row, by myself. Oh no, I'm craving for it now :(
This one is called Chai Kue, or known as Choi Pan in Jakarta. 
Tahu Hue and Ce Hun Tiau (both desserts)
Lek Tau Swan

Some Insta-stories about what I ate :9

That's all! Pontianak offers the best culinary, omg. Something that always makes me miss it + gaining weight super fast, hahaha. I usually eat more that this but due to Chinese New Year, many of the restaurants especially Chinese ones were not opened. Gonna be back for my Bakso Ikan!!!

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