Monday, March 19, 2018

3 Ways to Wear White T-shirt and Jeans

Hi, Dreamers! I love wearing white t-shirt with jeans lately. I used to avoid wearing white t-shirt because I thought it'd make me look dull, but idk why these days I think it looks good on me, which also effortlessly chic. Long story short, I decided to make a post about my own 3 ways to wear white t-shirt with jeans bottoms ;) 

White t-shirt + Midi Button Up Skirt + Sandals
Wore this to one of blogger event a few weeks ago, I wore plain white t-shirt with midi button up skirt. I've been eyeing for this kind of denim skirt for quite long time and finally got one, for free! (I won some challenge at IG) To complete the look, I chose my new black sandals and blue bucket bag. Oh, I also wore hoop earrings, since it can give an instant touch to make outfits much more stylish, hahaha. 

White T-shirt + Button Up Skirt + Sneakers + Bandana
Basically this style similar with the previous one, only with shorter button up skirt and bandana as scarf. I didn't want my white t-shirt + denim skirt combo being too plain, so I also added double head buckle belt. To complete the look, I wore my favorite glittery sneakers. 

White Graphic T-shirt + Mom Jeans + Sneakers
You can see how these 2 items can create an effortlessly stylish and chic look, right? Tuck your white t-shirt inside mom jeans and wear sneakers for 90s look. I intentionally made my hair messy tho, was too lazy to brush nor straighten it :p

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