Sunday, February 4, 2018

Style Inspo: How to Style Black Bandage Skirt // Dress

Hi, Dreamers! Time for some style post. Nope, today is not my personal style/OOTD post but it's about style inspo about black bandage dress and skirt. Black has always been staple color for every pieces- trousers, mini skirt, t-shirt, you name it. It's easy to style with everything, isn't it? Bandage skirt/dress is also one of the must-have item for us girls, because it can be worn for casual or even formal occasions! Bandage skirt/dress also can enhance your body shape ;)
Casual Edgy Style
I have one black bandage with fringe and I style it casual way by wearing it with mock neck top and denim outerwear. I actually have a big hip and thighs, so wearing bandage skirt is actually very tricky. So if you have the same condition as mine (and don't want to show it), you can hide it with a long outerwear like jacket, kimono outer, or coat. 

Grunge Style
You can also create grunge look with bandage skirt. Pair it with see-through tops, band t-shirt, or crop tops. Add some accessories like silver bracelet, choker, or wear black wide brim hats to make your grunge look perfect. 

Simple and Quick Style
img source
If you're going to hang-out with your besties or go grocery shopping, you can try to wear bandage skirt with oversized sweater or any fun graphic t-shirt. It's simple and wearable even on your most lazy-to-dress-up day. The shoes? Sneakers for sure!

Classy Party
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In my opinion, black bandage dress is really suitable (and perfect!) for parties or any formal occasions. The bandage dress itself already win the game even when you put nothing to complete the look. But of course, it'll look much more sophisticated with some accessories. Try to put statement necklace or earrings, wear your heels, and be ready to steal the spotlight ;))

More Style
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As for black bandage dress, it actually comes in many styles. If you think a plain black bandage dress is too boring, you can always find more style like peplum bandage dress, mermaid bandage dress, cut-out bandage dress, etc. Put on some outerwear like cardigan or blazer if you don't want to show off to much skin. Be creative and have fun creating you own look with black bandage skirt/ dress, guys~
Okay, above are some style inspiration I can give about black bandage skirt/ dress, hope you like it! I'll be happy to read your thought too, how do you usually style your black bandage skirt/ dress? Or if you haven't tried it before, how are you going to style it? :)

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