Monday, February 26, 2018

Feeling Nostalgic at Chinatown Bandung

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Hi Dreamersss! Been a while, huh? Now, let's talk about this long-postponed post. I went to one of the newest spot in Bandung, Chinatown Bandung. FYI, Bandung is a favorite destination for busy people in Jakarta for short getaway, because it's pretty close with only 2-3 hours drive. I think it's one of the reason Bandung keep improving and expanding their "instagrammable" spots. Back to Chinatown Bandung, it's located at Jalan Kelenteng no. 41 (near Vihara Satya Budhi) and easy to find. We were too early (we didn't check the opening time) and had to wait- so we went to eat nasi campur first, hahaha. Chinatown Bandung was opened at 12 PM but the last time I checked, they open at 11 AM and 10 AM on Sunday. Hm.
While waiting for Chinatown Bandung to open, my brother and I took some photos of the place. To enter, we need to buy ticket IDR 20.000 on weekend and IDR 10.000 on weekdays, which is pretty cheap. For every purchase, they will give us some drink (I got mineral water), snacks, or merchandise. Oh, also note that although it's related to "China" or "Chinese", the foods here are Halal- or no pork at all ;)
We were full so we didn't try any food there (such a shame) and just spent time walking around and of course taking photos! All corners are instagrammable, fyi. Oh, it's sooo hot so please make sure to wear something comfortable like t-shirt or shorts, pleaseee don't wear sweater or layering outfit, hahaha. 
Here are some photos I took at Chinatown Bandung, hope you can get a glimpse about what's inside and which spots can be your "Don't-Miss" spot for your Instagram feed. Some spots can be crowded because it's the popular ones, but actually people will just wait and queue to get the picture. Just be patient, okay?
There are also playground for children, merchandise kiosk, snacks store, bakery, etc. Please note that you have to use BCA Flazz or debit card to pay any transaction here! 
Besides instagrammable spots and culinary, they also provide a mini museum near the entrance. It shows some Chinese traditional stuff like toys, bicycle, pans, cups, etc. which really really made me feel nostalgic because I used to see them at my grandma's house (some of them are still used at my home now, hahaha).

I really appreciate their effort to create the Chinatown with those real stuff, not the fake ones. IDR 20.000 was really worth it, imo ;)

That's it, hope you enjoy! See ya on the next post~

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