Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chococam , Biscam , and My Boredom

I found these 2 super lovely camera when did blog walking , hehe . This is one of the huge reasons i love Japan . They're creative . So much cute stuff there . Feel like wanna buy one !
You can read the product description and the picture sample by clicking the link above :D

And this is about my boredom . I feel so bored to study now while the EXAMS are upcoming . I have only around a week before the School final exam , and really i haven't ready at all . After having that exams for a week , I have only 3 weeks for preparing the super last exams , the National Exam . Of course i don't want to fail , but this laziness monopolize me =_=
I will try not to follow my laziness but it just too difficult haha

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