Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Things I ♥ (and WANT !!!)

Here are some of my wish list hauls . I like them , I want them , but I haven't buy them or maybe I just can love them without buy them lol Photobucket
Okay , like the oxford shoes , I want it since long time ago , but I haven't found a suitable one for me . I love the black-white color and the floral print . Wish that I could buy them when i move to Jakarta .Photobucket
Gold bow ring . I'm going to buy one like this , or maybe more . I think bow ring is cute Photobucket

Satchel bag

Oxford shoes (really wish for the floral one)

Tory Burch flats . I want the red one !

Nike Air high top

Reebok X Hello Kitty furry sneakers . super love !Photobucket

I don't know why am i so in love with Lanvin for H&M Photobucket

Diana lomo camera

Yes , you have seen soooo many shoes I want . I love shoes more than clothes or dresses hehe .Photobucket

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