Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coco Pops meets Kitty

Hello ! FYI ,I almost finish my school final exams :) 2 days left . Ganbaruyo !
Last Sunday , my Dad came here (and he went back to Jakarta today) , and he brought me doughnut and also Coco Pops cereals. My bro actually who bought me this . You know why ? Yeaa because there is a Hello Kitty inside . So cute :D Hope you enjoy my pics Photobucket 
Chef Kitty
"Hi , Big Dreamer's readers ! I'm chef Kitty , new nakama of Mey ."
Coco Pops

5 kitty
5 types of Kitty . Okay i actually want that yellow Kitty , but you can't see which one inside the box .
Find 5 differences here (i just could find 4 :p)
Fish eye Kitty
Fish eye effect :p Love this hehe
kawaii from japan
My bestie gave me this :D

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