Saturday, December 10, 2016

Event Report: Satisfy Your Toys and Games Hunger at Colony Collection Market (CCM) 2016!

Yoo, dreamers! After last outfit post, I’m back with another event report. This event is really suitable for those who love toys and games. You can buy new toys and also exhibit your toys collection here. Yup! It's Colony Collection Market (CCM)! Just like their tagline: a technologized event where toys and games collectors bond, you will meet your fellow toys and games lovers here. The highlight events of CCM are: online and onsite auctions, toys and games tenants, toys and games communities, meet & greet with a lot of guest stars, cosplay (of course), various games tournaments and challenge, etc.
One day ticket cost you IDR 40.000 and IDR 75.000 for 2 days ticket (presales), you need to change it before entering the event. If you buy the ticket on the spot, it's more expensive which is IDR 50.000 and IDR 90.000. BCA is this event's bank partner and sponsor, that's why there's benefit for BCA holder such as: 20% discount for Sakuku user and buy 3 get 4 tickets only for IDR 150.000 promo.
There's floor plan, guest stars list, and event schedule so you check it before entering. Now let's start the tour, shall we? Brace yourself, a lot of photos are coming!
When you first entering CCM, you will see wall of toy photography and @toygraphyid booth. They also hold daily toy photography competition.
You can also meet your favorite cosplayer in signing event, one of them is Saida. She is a Korean cosplayer and colony collective market is the first event that bring her to Jakarta. A lot of her fans were queuing to meet her, get her sign and take photo together (most of them are boys tho.)

Just like any other toy and games event, CCM also presents various stages and when I was there, for example this live painting by an artist of Kcolor, water-based color that can be used for automotive, model kits and stuff.
Next, let's meet these ladies! They're Indonesian #1 gamers led by Nixia, NXA-Lad1es. There are also some tournaments and virtual reality you can try near them.

Strolling around CCM 2016, we found the community area. Various communities of certain anime or character exhibit their figurine collection here. Some of them are One Piece, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Gundam. It's a pity that when I was there, some tenants were still empty.
Saw these One Piece figurine collections and I was like "OMG!! It's One Piece, I want it all!!!" I love One Piece so much and I also bought a lot of OP figurine a few years ago T.T
Okay, now really brace yourself because bunch of cute stuff are coming!!

If you want to buy a lot of stuff but don't bring too much cash, no worry! There's BCA booth inside the CCM 2016 so you can draw money to buy the toys you want! :p *succesful in resisting myself*
Anyway, I also visit the BCA booth because of these cute flazz card. I actually already have one with Hello Kitty on it, but cute stuff is the best T.T You can also make your own on their booth, including Tahapan Xpresi, Credit Card, and Sakuku.
I did mention before that if you're Sakuku user, you'll get 20% discount to buy the ticket on the spot (valid for 5000 tickets) . There are more awesome promos going at the event with Sakuku such as:
- Happy Hour discount up to 60% at some tenants with signs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
- Get a chance to meet world cosplayer Ying Tze and Saida after Rp 150.000 minimum purchase at Colony Collection Market merchants using Sakuku.
- Download, register, and top-up Sakuku at Sakuku booth during the event to get souvenirs.
In this modern era, Sakuku is really practical because you only need your smartphone to go anywhere because you can do a lot things with it like: shopping, paying and splitting your lunch bills with friends, purchase credits, draw the cash, etc. This is why people say they'd rather leave their wallet than their phone, hahaha.

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