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Review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge 08 Juicy Peony

canmake stay-on balm rouge review |
Hi, dreamers! I decided to write more review about beauty products too here, I'm a newbie in beauty stuff but practice makes perfect right? (I hope so). So here I am, writing a lip product review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge. As most of you know (or you will know after reading this ;p) I love Japan so much. I saw this brand in Japanese magazines a lot and finally decided to give it a try.
I actually prefer lip tint than any lipstick, lip cream, lip gloss, or another lip-stuff because I don't like the sticky feeling on my lips. This is the only Japanese brand among my lip products (most of them are Korean brand).
Rather than lipstick, this product is actually like lip balm but with pretty colors. I got mine in 08 Juicy Peony, which is mentioned as eye-catching vivid pink. The packaging itself is quite bulky with plastic, golden cap, and pretty floral pattern. You can simply rotate it from below to use.
canmake stay-on balm rouge review juicy peony |
As you can see, the pink color is pretty vivid. Let's see how the color turns out when applied!
canmake stay-on balm rouge 08 juicy peony swatch |
This is how it looks when applied on my hand. The color appears softer and the texture is pretty creamy. When applied on lips, it glides smoothly even on dry lips. It's quite moisturizing because it contains honey, shea butter, squalane, royal jelly extract, and oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, and pomegranate oil. It also contains UV protection!
canmake stay-on balm rouge 08 juicy peony on lips |
As you can see on the photo above, it gives glossy finishing but not as shiny as lipgloss. For the staying power, this product is just so-so because it's basically color lip balm, not lip tint or lipstick. This product can be the option when your lips is dry and chapped, but still need some color on it :))

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