Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rilakkuma , Koala , Sketches

So happy because my okaasan and ototochan are here ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~
And i have new thing to show you , it's Rilakkuma blackberry case :D My brother bought me Photobucket 

The koala one is my bro's . I don't know why he likes something like this lol
Eiffel keychain from Paris , my sister gave me this :) then i took a photo and edited it . What do you think ?Photobucket 
Yupi choco glee . yummy but too sweet i think :x

My sketch :) Idk why but i love this so much Photobucket
For more , you can visit my Deviant art . Arigatooooo ~('⌣'~) (~'⌣')~

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