Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bandung Diary: Dusun Bambu

Heyho! I finally can show you about Dusun Bambu after so long (outfit post here). Sorry not sorry I just finished editing the video yesterday. As some of you know, I'm participated Popcon Asia with my friends so most of my time was spent there. We'll talk about it on the next next next post, now let's back to this post.
Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park is located at Lembang, Bandung, to be exact at Jalan Kertawangi Cisarua, West Java. We went to Dusun Bambu on the day I moved to Bandung and we didn't know the way to go there. Thank GPS for brought us there safely, lol. Just type "Dusun Bambu" and follow the directions.
We need to pay IDR 10k to enter and there was this shuttle service called wara-wiri that brought us to the park up there so we didn't need to walk by foot.
This place is a nice choice to refresh your mind or simply enjoying quality time with family or friends. The weather was changed quite fast when I went there, it's raining then suddenly sunny and will be cloudy the next 5 minutes. I recommend you to bring your jacket and umbrella. There were some places to eat, but we just wanted to eat some snacks so we tried the food stalls there. Before I buy the food, I need to exchange my money into "fake" money and unfortunately we can't refund it. The food were actually quite pricey but taste was not bad.
I just ate chicken satay and kembang tahu. This kembang tahu was different from the one I usually ate in my hometown, Pontianak. This one use ginger as the soup, and it's actually suitable for the weather there.
After all the food we just enjoyed the view there. There are a lot of pretty flowers, I'm not a girly type but I do love (taking photos of) flowers. Enjoy the photos below!

Lutung Kasarung
Lutung Kasarung was places to eat but we didn't plan to have brunch or lunch there so we just walked trough the path.
Found this on the way out and I was like "I need to take photos here, it looks so peaceful." Then my mom and brother also posed here, lol. I took quite many photos but I have to sort them out:
As I've mentioned above, there are a lot of flowers here and I hope you like these flowers photo spam. Anyway, I decided not to ride the shuttle service and walked down by myself, it was a nice choice because I also found a lot of flowers on the way down although I don't know their name.
I also made a short video, hope you enjoy it :)

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