Friday, August 5, 2011

Super Junior - Mr.Simple MV

Here we go ! Super Junior's new MV x) Check it out guys , I think you will love this ! :p
And I still love my dancing machine Eun Hyuk  (the blonde one) 

I (finally) install new Windows and added RAM for my lovely laptop ;) In several minutes , it will be D-1 I go to Jakarta :| I used to be so excited but now I feel like going next week , haha ! So much things to bring x__x 
I hope tomorrow I can go eat with my Family :'( 
Anyway I'm not sure I can update this blog at Jakarta because I don't have usb  modem . I can use my Brother's but it's really slow and sometimes it can't connect -__- But of course I hope I can still update my blog and post some outfit photos :D And yeaaah culinary and shoppings ;p

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