Sunday, February 16, 2014

따라와 // Got7

I'm so sad with the photos' quality :'(( It's because I was so stupid I BROUGHT MY DSLR WITHOUT MEMORY CARD!! I used Samsung Galaxy Note II to take all the photos and the color didn't turn out really good. I don't like it T___T Okay, forget it. I tried to edit these photos so it's still okay to be post on my blog. hahaha :)) These photos are taken in Pontianak, my hometown :D Since it's really really hot there, I can't wear something "ribet" and I just feel uncomfortable to dress up too "crazy" there. As you can see, this is actually a really simple outfit. Put the shirt on the waist and tadah it helps a lot, hehe. I hope this post can be inspiration for you :D Anyway, tomorrow is the first day of my 6th semester!
Ah! Do you know Got7? It's a new KPOP boyband of JYP. I looooveeee them so much, hehee :)) Follow Me (따라와) is my most favorite song in their album!

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